How to Make Work-Related Travel Less Miserable

Gone are the days when work meant punching the clock at an office at 9 AM and sitting in a cubicle or with fluorescent lights on until 5 PM. Today, with the economy gone global and many companies doing business with people around the world, most jobs will entail some form of travel. While some people will travel only once…

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Five Sage Career Tips from High-Flying Women for Women

In today’s world, women are a vital part of the workforce and many have prominent roles in most industries. There are many fields and areas that are growing in terms of representation by women, including civil engineering, law enforcement, law, and medicine. This month marks the 30th anniversary of National Women’s History Month, which Congress passed in 1987.   In…

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5 Common Mistakes That Could Cost You a Job Offer

You’re in an interview for the job of your dreams. It’s going well, but don’t get too excited yet. Remember that the job isn’t yours until you and your employer have both signed on the dotted line.   Here are common mistakes that can ruin your chances of landing that great job:  

How to Deal with Email Conflicts at the Office

Ever since there was the written word, misunderstandings and misinterpretations have existed. Then email was invented, and miscommunications became more frequent. The nature of email today is that it is quicker than actual printed letters. People tend to treat email more casually than printed letters. Introductions are more casual and many times, they are not as carefully edited or their…

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How to Make a Career Change as a 50-Year-Old Executive

These days, young people just entering the workforce will have an average of seven to nine careers in their lifetimes. That’s seven to nine different fields, not just employers. That number may seem unreasonable to older workers and baby boomers, whose parents worked their entire lives at one job. But even if you’re in your 50’s, it’s possible to make…

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4 Career Advice Tips from Previous Presidents

Taking your first step in the right direction forms the basis of a bright career. If you are looking for some career insights that can help you in finding the right direction and kick-starting your career, you have landed at the right place. With ‘Washington’s Birthday – President’s Day’ celebration today, I’ll share four prestigious career advice tips from previous…

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Resume Trends to Watch in 2017

From hair to clothing to houses, everything is subject to trends. In the job search world, resumes are no different. Resumes go through trend cycles too. Forty years ago, resumes were pages upon pages. In the last 10 years, resumes have gone down to only two or three pages, as nobody has time to scan through a five-page resume. Today,…

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Executive Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

You’re an executive, and you’ve been contacted by a recruiter about an opportunity for a well-known firm in your industry. Congratulations!   Although you’re excited about this position, you’re understandably nervous about the upcoming interview. Of course, the interview isn’t the be-all end-all to getting the job – there are also references to follow up with, and portfolios and numbers…

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Alert! Don’t Resign Until You’ve Asked Yourself These Questions

Happy 2017! A new year is a great time to look at your life. Many people take this time to take stock of their health, fitness, eating habits, relationships, homes, and of course, their work. So how is your workplace? Are you happy there? Is your career fulfilling? Does your current position offer you room to grow? Could you –…

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Your Summer Job is Much More Important than You Think

Employment rates are better this year, which means fresh graduate are expected to have better opportunities of securing a job. I wonder though, how many will take their internship seriously? How many will show up expecting three easy months of coffee-fetching and copy-making work? A research from Challenger, Gray and Christmas, a Chicago-based recruitment firm, states that only 1 in…

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Does Your Boss Secretly Hate You?

I was eating at a restaurant when I overheard this woman complaining about her boss to a friend. After ranting, her friend said, “Suck it up, you’re lucky to have a job.” After hearing this conversation, I realized that sometimes, no matter how nice and polite you are; your boss just doesn’t care. After all your effort, he can’t even…

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Dressing Up for the Interview—It’s More Important than You Think

You only have six seconds to make a good first impression. Six seconds. That’s not even enough time to say your elevator speech! Best-selling author and LinkedIn Career Expert, Nicole Williams echoes this fact. What you wear makes a bigger statement about yourself and your chances of doing well at the job before you even start talking. A crumpled shirt,…

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Be the Boss or Face the Consequences of Undermanagement

What do you get when you put together employees with diverse personalities, work backgrounds, different temperaments, habits, and varying levels of weirdness? Chaos. But nowadays, that’s what most managers call a “team,” and the difficulty of handling such team doesn’t stop with aforementioned differences. In fact, that’s just the start. Add a dash of disregard for authority, laziness, lack of…

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