4 Spot-On Strategies to Get Your Manager’s Trust

TeamleadWhen it comes to your career, there are a number of factors that can influence how quickly you get ahead, or if you get ahead at all, but none are as crucial as your boss.

Yes, your manager can control when you get promoted – and if you get promoted at all – what projects you take on, where and when you travel, whether you get a raise, if your project gets attention, if you get to attend that conference you’ve been eyeing, and which clients you work with.

He or she can approve or deny your vacation request, your requests for special time off, or whether you get acknowledged in meetings. He or she can make your work life a dream come true, or the stuff of nightmares. That’s why having your manager’s trust is so important – not having their confidence can be detrimental to your career within your organization.

Getting your boss to like and trust you is not going to happen overnight. It takes time to build a good working relationship. Here are four ways that you can earn your supervisor’s trust.

Made a Mistake? Fess Up

Everyone makes mistakes, but it takes a brave person to take responsibility for them. If you’ve made a mistake – you’ve missed a deadline, lost a top client, or came to a meeting unprepared – own up to it, and apologize. A sincere apology and a plan to make things right goes a long way – much further than trying to cover your tracks and blame others.

Give it All You’ve Got

When you show initiative – you take on a difficult task that nobody else wants to do, volunteer to head up a project, or become a leader in some way – it does three things. First, you are showing your boss that you are interested in what you do. Second, you’re making him or her look good to their bosses. Third, you’re showing that you’re ready to take on new responsibilities should they arise. In your boss’ eyes, this makes you trustworthy.

Remember, You’re Working as a Team

In businesses, there is no “I,” only “we.” Remember that as far as the company goes, you’re all on the same side. You’re working together to achieve a common ultimate goal. Your goal is to work with your boss and colleagues to make the company successful – not using your work as a springboard to get ahead. Don’t let your personal agenda get in the way of doing well by the company.

Make Your Boss Look Good

How do you make your work life pleasant? By ensuring that your boss is happy. Remember, your boss has the power to move you up, or make you stay where you are. By assisting your boss in their own professional goals – that is, making them look good to their bosses – they are likely to reward you by remembering you as they move up.

Only good things can be gained by ensuring your boss trusts you and is happy with your work. Will you try any of these techniques? How do you think they will improve your working relationship?