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Fearless Presentations® and Public Speaking Secrets® are composed of individual modules that can be customized into a range of time periods from a one-hour keynote address to a one-day or two-day seminar, to a series of individual sessions for time-spaced learning so we have a solution for every group.

PA Fearless Presentations Aug 2015Fearless Presentations®

Public Speaking Class
for Individuals and Small Groups

Want to eliminate that nervous feeling during a PowerPoint presentation? Want to think and speak more clearly without losing your train of thought? Want to give a more polished and professional presentation? Then Fearless Presentations is for you!

The world-renowned Fearless Presentations public speaking class is absolutely the fastest and easiest way to eliminate stage fright and increase your self-confidence and professionalism in front of a group. Classes are scheduled frequently in cities all over the world so whether you are an individual who want to become more polished or you have a small group who wants to attend together, we have a solution for you. Learn to connect with your audience, reduce nervousness, and design and deliver powerful presentations.

Course Content and Agenda

Section #1: Eliminate Stage Fright – Ten (10) Ways to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear

* Improve Your Memory Ten-Fold * Learn to Give Entire Presentations without Notes (or Slides) * Powerful Introductions * Examples and Stories * Reduce Public Speaking Fear

Section #2: Organizing Short Presentations

Persuade an Audience in Three Steps * Simple Structure for Short Presentations * Leadership Principles for Presentations * Maximize Your Individual Strengths and Minimize Your Weaknesses as a Presenter * Impromptu Speaking and Q&A Sessions

Section #3: Design Longer Presentations

A Simple Structure to Better Organize Longer Presentations * Focus on What the Audience Wants * Five (5) Ways to Add Energy and Enthusiasm to Any Presentation * Ten (10) Ways to Add Impact and Power to Your Presentation * Master PowerPoint Presentations

Tuition and Availability

Tuition is just $997/person ($897/person for three or more). For a quote or to schedule a seminar, email Michelle Riklan or call (800) 540-3609.

Custom Fearless Presentations® Class
for Teams and Companies

Have a group who needs custom coaching? A custom Fearless Presentations class is an economical way to train your entire group in one seminar.

The Fearless Presentations class has long been the optimal solution for individuals who want to reduce public speaking fear and stage fright, but did you know that Fearless Presentations can be customized for the specific needs and challenges of your team? Our instructors have taught tens of thousands of people how to eliminate public speaking fear, become more poised and professional in front of a group, and design and deliver compelling presentations quickly and easily, and they are experts at customizing seminars for each individual audience. Modules that Make Each Seminar a Custom Event:

Sample Public Speaking Secrets Modules

PowerPoint Presentations * Evidence to Prove Your Point * Get Your Audience Involved * Make Technical Presentations Clear * Designing keynote Addresses * Designing Lecture Series * Designing Sales Presentations * ” Short List” Presentations

Sample Fearless Presentations Modules

Eliminate Public Speaking Fear * Give Presentations without Notes * Powerful Introductions * Using Examples and Stories * Persuasive Speeches * Impromptu Speaking * Question and Answer Sessions

Tuition and Availability

For a quote or to schedule a seminar, email Michelle Riklan or call (800) 540-3609. Tuition starts at just $3,000. For a free quote, call today!

High Impact Leaders™
Custom Leadership Course

High Impact Leaders is the fastest, easiest way to become a more charismatic and confident leader or manager. Great leaders develop skills that less successful people tend to disregard.

Ever wonder why some people always seem to catch all of the breaks and always seem to have an advantage over others? People who get ahead in the business world often have distinct characteristics in common including Communication Skills, Self-Confidence, Presentation Skills, the ability to Motivate and Inspire others, and the ability to build the next generation of leaders. High Impact Leaders Can Help Strengthen These Skills.

High Impact Leaders is Fully Customizable

People retain information best if it is de­livered in short, fun sessions, so High Im­pact Leaders is organized into a series of one-hour, self-standing modules. Each module is a fun and interactive session designed to help participants master a specific leadership skill.

Sample Leadership Modules

Communication Skills One-on-One with their Team Members * Confident Presentations Skills * The Ability to Build Trust and a Team Culture * Conflict Resolution Skills * Problem Solving * Ability to Gain Enthusiastic Cooperation from Others * Inspire and Motivate their Team * Build the Next Generation of Leaders

Modules can be organized into custom keynote Speeches, Breakout Sessions, Half-Day Workshops and, for best re­sults, Two-Day Workshops.

Tuition and Availability

For a quote or to schedule a seminar, email Michelle Riklan or call (800) 540-3609. Tuition starts at just $3,000. For a free quote, call today!

Creating A Team Culture™
Custom Workshops

Fun Custom Team Building Sessions!

Identify the characteristics of a good team * Open up lines of communication * Identify how each individual’s actions affect the group * Improve efficiency

Want to build trust and respect among your team? This workshop can help your group identify characteristics that (1) lead to better teamwork, help your team (2) build more of a team atmosphere, learn how (3) to deal more effectively with each other. Creating a Team Culture is a fun way to generate a “behavior change” and build teamwork within your group. The best way to learn is to have fun!

Custom Team Building Workshops to Build Team Culture

Creating a Team Culture is a team build­ing seminar composed of one-hour mod­ules, so it can be tailored to the specific needs of your group. Individual modules are perfect for breakout sessions as well. If you want to reinforce personality tem­perament training, an alternative version of this program called Personality Traits That Influence Teams is also available. Our instructors can help you quickly and easily customize this program for your group.

Sample Agenda:

What makes a Good Team? * Seven (7) Ways to Build Trust * Improving Communication * Seven (7) Ways to Resolve Conflicts * Adding Enthusiasm to Projects * Pointing Out Mistakes Indirectly * Anchoring Positive Behavior * Seven (7) Ways to Build Leaders who Inspire Teamwork * A Three-Step Process to Persuade Individuals and Groups

Alternate Modules:

Triple Your Memory in Minutes * Ten (10) Ways to Eliminate Presentation Fear * Leading Powerful Meetings Problem Solving Made Easy * How to Remember Names * Gain a Consensus * Speaking Under Pressure * Personality Temperaments Adding Fun to Tough Jobs

For a quote or to schedule a seminar, email Michelle Riklan or call (800) 540-3609.

bike 2The Build-A-Bike®

Team Building Workshop

Make any meeting an Awesome event!

Want to create a memorable shared experience for your group? Need to jazz up your next meeting or convention? Build-A-Bike is the solution!

Fun team building with a philanthropic twist! The Build-A-Bike Team Building Workshop is the original, and still the most popular, charity team event. This high-energy event is both fun and highly interactive. From the time that one of our facilitators is introduced to the time that a stream of young kids come rushing in, every member of your group will be engaged and having an absolute blast!

Our certified facilitators will capture the attention of the audience quickly and have them laughing and having fun with­in minutes. The key to this and every team activity is the energy, and our expert in­structors are the best in the world at Keep­ing the energy in the room up and sweep­ing everyone into the activities. Click here for a description of how a recent event went!

Standard Structure and Options

  • Ice-Breaker: Fun way for the facilitator to build rapport and get the group laughing.
  • Set-Up Activity: Designed to get the energy up and competitive juices flowing.
  • Build-A-Bike: Participants must solve puzzles to earn parts for each bike and quickly learn that the only way to win is to work as a team.
  • *Presentation to the kids: A stream of kids from a local charity rush in to ride their new bike.

*During the school year, starting your event at 2:30 PM or 3:00 PM is optimal so that your bike recipients will be out of school by the conclusion of the event.

For a quote or to schedule a seminar, email Michelle Riklan or call (800) 540-3609.

GolfAce Race® Golf Team Building Workshop

Make any meeting fun and competitive!

Have an absolute BLAST on your next team building adventure! The Ace Race is a fun team activity where team members build a golf course out of non-perishable food items.

This philanthropic team building event organizes your team into small groups of four to six people, and each group acquires “materials” to build a single hole of a custom golf course right in the banquet hall or meeting room. The “materials” that they acquire are non-perishable food items that they must use to build their hole of the course. Once the custom golf course is built, the teams compete against each other to determine the golf champion of your event.

Build Your Team While Building Your Community

The Ace Race Twist

There is a twist however… Most teams will create unbelievably difficult holes that are practically impossible to conquer, so the Ace Race doesn’t just have them compete to conquer the course. Each team plays each hole until they get an “Ace” (hole in one). This difficulty moves the challenge from being a competition to a team building exercise pretty quickly. And adds a LOT of laughter in the pro­cess.

Sample Workshop Outline

  • Introduction: A fast explanation of the rules and goals for the event.
  • Earn the Materials: Each team solves puzzles and challenges to earn their course materials. The faster they solve the challenges, the more time they have to build their hole and practice.
  • Build the Course: Each team builds a single hole within the course.
  • The Ace Race: Teams compete to race through the course getting holes-in-one, and the energy erupts! A champion is crowned.
  • Donation of the Food to a Food Bank: Each group re-boxes up their food items, and we donate them to a charity.

The Ace Race offers fantastic team building, community outreach, and great PR.

For a quote or to schedule a seminar, email Michelle Riklan or call (800) 540-3609.

Bear NYRescue Bear® Workshop

Serve Our Rescue Workers While They Serve Us!

Want your team to learn about each other while supporting your local police and firefighters? Want a unique and memorable experience?

Our rescue workers have a difficult job — especially when children are affected. At times, they have to tell people that they have just lost everything they own in a fire or sometimes have to separate a child from his or her parent while they receive medical attention. The Rescue Bear team event provides a comfort item that these fearless rescue workers can give to these children in need to help them through a very challenging time.

Discover the Strengths of Each Team Member

Strong Teams Based on Diversity

The activities in this event are actually based on personality temperaments, but your group will never know. We have de­veloped a revolutionary, proprietary activ­ity that gets the team to quickly (and in a hilarious way) divide themselves into per­sonality temperament groups. If you are a fan of Myers-Briggs or the DISC profile, you will love this, because it is a practical way for participants to learn about their strengths and weaknesses based on their temperaments without the technical lecture. Once your team is divided by temperament, each group accomplishes challenges specifically designed to match the strengths of the participants.

Sample Outline and Options

  • Introduction: A fast explanation of the rules and goals for the event.
  • Dividing Group into Temperaments: The group plays a fun game that to organize team into temperaments.
  • Strength Finder: Group discovers the real strengths of their team.
  • Rescue Bear: Participants complete challenges based on strengths to earn materials to build the toys.
  • *Presentation of Toys to Fire Fighters: Local firefighters come to speak to the group and accept the toys on behalf of the kids who will eventually get them.

*PS: The firefighters often arrive in their ladder-truck

For a quote or to schedule a seminar, email Michelle Riklan or call (800) 540-3609.

Camaraderie Quest™

Team Treasure Hunt

Looking for the perfect outdoor team event? Want to let your team interact away from the office or meeting? Then the Camaraderie Quest is for you.

The Camaraderie Quest is an interactive treasure hunt that is custom designed for your group and location, so no two quests are the same. Your team will have to decipher clues that lead them on a trek to find items, photograph interesting places, and video record their team accomplishing their specific tasks. At the end of the quest, the instructor scores the results and shows an edited slideshow complete with quite a few of the most entertaining team accomplishments.

Get the Most From Your Location

Although this even can be held just about anywhere, the more interesting the location, the more interesting the quest will be. Downtown areas, historic districts, and many resort areas tend to be fantastic places to schedule a quest because there is often a lot of interesting things to find and photograph.

When event and meeting planners orga­nize annual meetings or conventions, they often pick fantastic locations. Alas, though, because time is compressed f or these meet­ings, the participants rarely get to explore these resorts on the way to the next meet­ing. This is where The Camaraderie Quest can be a big help. The Quest gives par­ticipants a chance explore their great loca­tion, but also experience a fantastic team building activity at the same time.

Sample Outline and Options

  • Introduction: A fast explanation of the rules and goals for the event. (Works best if this is indoors.)
  • Initial Short Quest: Teams are sent on an initial quest so that they can learn how to complete the challenges and score a few initial points.
  • Midpoint Break: We take a short break midway through to answer questions and get the teams rehy­drated.
  • Final Quest: Teams move through the final quest where they will take pictures and record videos of their ac­complishments.
  • *The Slideshow: The facilitator scores the results and delivers a f unny slideshow complete with some of themore entertaining pictures and videos.

*For bigger groups, it’s a good idea to schedule a break between the Final Quest and The Slideshow so that the instructor will have time to create a good slideshow.

For a quote or to schedule a seminar, email Michelle Riklan or call (800) 540-3609.