Effective Interviewing


Until the proverbial crystal ball can 100% accurately predict the success of an applicant at an organization, managers must rely on their interviewing skills to evaluate a candidate’s experiences and behaviors and determine the applicant’s potential for success at their own organization. Research consistently shows that the best predictor of future performance is past performance. Based on this research, Legal and Effective Interviewing teaches participants how to use specific questioning techniques to candidly learn about an applicant’s past performance in order to anticipate the applicant’s future performance. Participants also learn how to prepare for and conduct a legal and effective interview.


At the end of Effective Interviewing, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the components of a legal and effective hiring process.
  • Develop effective behavioral based interviewing questions.
  • Conduct an effective interview with confidence and competence.

TIMING: Half Day or Full Day


1.  Importance of an employee selection system

2. Three phases of interviewing

3. Preparation for hiring

  • Reviewing the job description
  • Identifying and prioritizing the common critical job requirements
  • Developing behavioral questions/excercise
  • Listening for star answers
  • Evaluating responses

4. What to look for when reviewing cover letters and resumes

5. Conducting the interview meeting

6.  Legal issues in interviewing

7. Retention tips

8. Self-assessment/summary