Sexual Harassment


In Fiscal Year 2006, EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) received 12,025 charges of sexual harassment. 15.4% of those charges were filed by males. EEOC resolved 11,936 sexual harassment charges in FY 2006 and recovered $48.8 million in monetary benefits for charging parties and other aggrieved individuals (not including monetary benefits obtained through litigation).

Ensure that your employees understand appropriate conduct regarding sexual harassment as well as environmental and economic harassment. By providing Sexual Harassment Prevention Training to your staff, you will help to avoid expensive harassment-related lawsuits.
According to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunty Commission), “Prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers are encouraged to take steps necessary to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. They should clearly communicate to employees that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. They can do so by providing sexual harassment training to their employees and by establishing an effective complaint or grievance process and taking immediate and appropriate action when an employee complains.”

In this two hour training program, employees will learn how to defuse uncomfortable workplace situations that might otherwise result in claims of sexual or unlawful harassment.

Do you:
1. Have a formal sexual harassment
Yes No
1a. If yes, have you informed
employees, supervisors and managers of your
company’s sexual harassment policy and procedures?
Yes No
2. Keep employees and managers
current on changing laws and EEOC guidelines?
Yes No
3. Ensure that all new employees are
properly trained about your company policies?
Yes No
4. Mitigate liability by informing
managers of their roles and responsibilities when
dealing with allegations?
Yes No
5. Comply with state-mandated sexual
harassment training?
Yes No
6. Update previous training that may
be inadequate or outdated?
Yes No
7. Address specific sexual
harassment problems in your company?
Yes No
8. Create a work environment and
culture that does not tolerate or condone
inappropriate behavior?
Yes No
“We have an ironclad policy on sexual harassment. We’re covered—right?” Maybe not!
“All our employees have signed off on our sexual harassment policy. We’re covered—right?” Maybe not!
“We conducted sexual harassment training three years ago. We’re covered—right?” Maybe not!
Employees can “Know” the law, but if their behaviors don’t reflect that knowledge
are you covered in court?
Our training program is designed to educate you employees and reduce your company’s risk for costly harassment litigation. It is recommended that all employees complete a 2 hour harassment prevention training once a year.

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