Guest Posting Guidelines

Write for Riklan Resources

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Riklan Resources. This guide will explain the pitching, writing and submitting process for guest posting in this website. We want to make this an easy and enjoyable experience for you.

If you want to submit a guest post for consideration, please read the guidelines below before contacting our editor. You can also view the FAQ.

You don’t have to be an expert in human resources or resume writing. We welcome content with real stories, strategies, and new insights on anything career and HR. As long as your ideas will be beneficial to our readers, we’d love to hear from you.

We Accept Guest Blog Posts in the following Categories:

  • Resume writing
  • Career management
  • Job search
  • Interview techniques
  • Career advancement
  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment
  • Personal branding
  • LinkedIn strategies
  • Employee performance

What’s in it for You?

We will post your submission in the Riklan Resources blog and link to your guest post in our newsletter.

Of course, guest posts will also be promoted via our Twitter and Facebook channels, where it can be seen by our followers.

Guest post authors will also get a by-line that includes two links, which could go to their website, landing page or social media account. Contributing to Riklan Resources blog will also build your credibility and authority in your topic.

How to Pitch Us Your Idea

Please email the editor at Editor(at) Put “guest post” and the proposed headline in the subject line.

In your email, please include:

  • Your name and a brief background. Tell us why you’d be great to write the blog post
  • Your proposed blog post title and a short description
  • Tell us how that idea will benefit our readers
  • Include a couple of links to your other guest posts, or other articles in your website

Submission Guidelines (After Your Story Idea has been Accepted)

Please don’t send unsolicited posts without having your idea checked by our editor first. If we already ran a similar story, then we can’t accept your submission.

  1. When writing your guest post, always consider the readers point of view. Will they understand what you’re trying to say? Will they benefit from it?
  2. Write something fresh, creative and insightful. Articles like “Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Resume” can be found anywhere online, so it won’t benefit us or any of the readers.
  3. We love it if you include your personal experience, new studies, statistics, surveys, and even quotes from books to back up claims you make.
  4. Please don’t forget to cite or attribute your sources.
  5. The submitted blog post must be 100% original, and not found anywhere on the web or in print. We will check all articles through Copyscape. Articles found guilty of plagiarism will be rejected.
  6. Don’t forget to proofread your blog post before sending it to us.
  7. Please include your complete name, and a short author bio at the end of the blog post. This may contain two links to your blog, website or social networks. No more than three sentences, please.
  8. If you’d like to have your photo appear beside your author bio, please include a high quality 2 x 2 headshot of yourself in your email. You can also use the email linked to your Gravatar account.

Formatting and Images

Blog posts are very different from magazines and print publications. Online readers prefer short paragraphs, clear subheadings, and bullet points for easier scanning. To ensure our readers won’t have a hard time reading your submission, please adhere to the formatting guidelines below:

  • Format subheadings as H2
  • Include bullet points and list items
  • Format quotations in italic and add quotation marks
  • Images are optional, but if you’d like to add one, please make sure you have obtained the proper license. You may paste the image at the top of your blog post, including the attribution and the URL where you got it.

Best Performing Articles

To give you an idea of our preferred writing style and some of the topics we’ve already covered, kindly check:

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FAQ: Please Read this before Emailing the Editor with Your Questions

How long should the guest post be?

Aim for 600 to 900 words.

How should I submit the guest post?

Please upload your guest post to Google Docs, and make sure the file is converted to the Google Docs format. Then share it to the email address listed above, and don’t forget to give us access to ‘edit’ it.

Don’t worry; it’s easy to share a Google Doc. Here’s a guide to help you.

Should I include links in the blog post?

Yes! But there’s a caveat. We only allow links that are relevant to the reader. You can link to related posts on your website, helpful tools, and sources you sited.

We also love it if you link to existing sources in our blog.

Of course, we do NOT allow self-promotional links, such as affiliate links, and links to your products and services. If you want to promote something, you can do it in your author bio. Riklan Resources reserves the right to remove spammy and suspicious links.

Please insert links into the post as hyperlink, like this. Do not use HTML.

Will you edit my post?

That depends on how well written your guest post is. We reserve the right to edit it for grammar, contextual links, clarity and length. If your post requires substantial editing, we will return it to you with feedback.

Can I republish my guest post in my own blog?

All published guest post becomes the property of Riklan Resources LLC. You may not post it anywhere on the web or publish it in print. You may not repurpose the content as well.

However, we encourage authors to summarize the post and link to it in their blog. You may also link to your published guest post on your press or media page.

When will you publish my submission?

We publish one guest post per month. From time of receipt, it usually takes one to two weeks for your post to go through our editing and scheduling process.

What else should I do after the guest post is published?

We expect authors to participate in the comments once the post is live. Sharing it in your own social networks helps your post gain more traction as well.

We love it if you tag @ResumeWoman on Twitter.

I have more questions!

Don’t hesitate to ask. The contact information is listed on this page.

We look forward to hearing your story ideas!