These are excellently done! I am amazed and humbled by the power of good writing and presentation.

  • Michael G. CEO Healthcare Management

Thank you! You are truly an artist!

– Jules O.

We met last week at the Greenwich Country Club. I am now an intern from Beach Point Club. Your presentation is awesome, and I really learned a lot! Fortunately, I know what is the right thing to do before I graduate and look for a job. Hope you all the best, and I will keep you posted of my future career progress!

– Mengjia

Thanks Michelle! I’m fortunate that I was able to get a new job. Your advice was very helpful and BOOM…got a new job in the DC area!

– Michael R.

I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that I ended up getting two offers. I had a third opportunity to interview for an internal position with my existing organization. I turned that interview down due to the two offers. The company met my salary requests and is granting me more vacation than the normal new employee. I read the article you posted about negotiating salary … and I opted not to because they gave me everything I asked for out of the gate. Thank you for all of the work you did on my materials. I did not expect the changes to happen this quickly. I don’t think it would have been possible without the work you did on my materials.

– Noelle S.

I can’t wait to take a look at this! I cannot believe you were able to do this so quickly. It’s amazing. This was clearly money well spent.

– Lisa C.

I wanted to shoot you a quick email to thank you for your work on my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile. Since having you update my materials, I have had two interviews. One led to a potential opportunity. The other turned into a dinner meeting with a C-Level at the company next week. I also have another interview pending with my existing organization for a new position. I appreciate your assistance and love the materials.

Thank you so much for your time and effort. I greatly appreciate everything.

– Noelle S.

Thank you. Great work and very happy client. I would definitely recommend your services.

– Kathie

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful work, support and details to all of my son’s needs. I look forward to the next few months of success and positive future for both my son and your endeavors.

– Marilyn A.

Thank you very much! It looks fabulous!! I look sooo much better on paper now!

– Dan M.
General Manager

From a Teambuilding Training:  We had a wonderful experience and it was made better by Michelle’s leadership. Everyone raved about it.

– Morris James

I have to tell you I, along with my wife who is a former club manager, are both very pleased with my resume. Thank you again for your hard work. I never thought over 30 years in the hospitality industry and clubs, with as much as I have accomplished, could fit in two pages and be legible and easy to read, but you have done it.

– V. J. D.

From a Teambuilding Event: We thoroughly enjoyed having you. Thank you so much for your energy and time! It was so rewarding!

– EA
Sallie Mae

I hope this email finds you well. This is Theodora Fleurant from the New York Public Library. We met at the most recent meetup for the Office Readiness Series program in Mid-March. The students enjoyed your presentation so much that we decided that we would love to invite you to speak again for our Spring 2016 program. I would love the opportunity to discuss the possibility of having you as our guest speaker again. I believe you were such an excellent motivator for our student body that will prepare to enter the workforce upon their graduation from ORS with solid skills in hand.

Your time is greatly appreciated.

– Theodora Fleurant
New York Public Library

So this amazing Executive Resume Writer out of the goodness of her dear heart, sat down with me a few years ago to help me update my resume. Happy with my job now but some issues make me want to test the value of my worth. I sent my resume out and have been bombarded with phone interviews and invitations for 2nd interviews… thank you Riklan Resources!

– Mindy G.

I wanted to thank you again for being a great speaker at our Office Readiness Meetup last night. It was great to hear the feedback from patrons who were happy that they came and felt they were walking away with new knowledge on what to do to help them advance their careers. I also loved the fact that you had so many people coming up to you afterwards that wanted more insight from you.

Keep up the amazing work.

– Brandy McNeil
Associate Director – Technology Education & Training
The New York Public Library

Let me begin by telling you how much your newsletter benefits the clients I serve. Because we don’t contract with you for services, you have no way of knowing just how useful it is. I often send articles from it to the clients and they frequently respond with thoughts and questions triggered by the articles. The information is clear and short enough that people don’t get bogged down in reading it. One hidden benefit is that it’s nice to share career information that isn’t coming from a disability related agency. Sometimes our clients get the idea that their job searches are so unique that they aren’t part of the mainstream. Discovering that you are saying the same exact things they are hearing from me and from the placement specialists with whom we work is gold.

Keep up the good work.

– Don Horn
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
New York State Commission for the Blind

I would appreciate a copy of the PPT presentation I viewed last night in Mid- Manhattan. I enjoyed your presentation very much.

– Jim M.

I was one of the participants at last night’s NYPL networking event. I had the good fortune to listen to your terrific job search presentation. You mentioned that you would forward it, if requested. Here’s my request!

You provided excellent information which I could certainly use as I update my resume. Many thanks.

– Maureen B.

I have used my revamped resume to apply for some jobs on Indeed and Monster and within a week I have already scored 3 phone interviews. I want to thank you so much for the great work you did with my resume. It looks like things are finally looking up!

– JP
Executive Level, Facilities Management

My resume has brought me a lot of success in getting calls and interviews when I was searching last summer, and again now, so I am very happy that I made the investment with you!

– BK
Communications Executive

Teambuilding Event 2015:  Everything was great! They are still talking about the games and those who were able to stay for the kids were very happy to see them so excited! Thanks again!

– Air Serv Corp.

Thank you Michelle. Looks good. I truly believe the last revision you did for me helped secure my current job.

– C. Robinson

Thank you again for all your help. I’m amazed at the improvement from my last resume. Hopefully it will help me move the needle. I can’t wait to try it out!

– Healthcare Executive

Dear Michelle,

I just want to forward a feedback I got from a B.School Professor on my LinkedIn profile. Thanks a lot for your great work in helping me brand myself better.

Hello Patrik, I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am a Professor at HULT Dubai and Shanghai. I teach marketing and brand management. Yours is one of the best linked in profiles I have seen in a while. I often show it to others. Hence why you might be receiving so many visits.

LinkedIn Client

I accepted the offer. I might get a counter offer from my current employer but if it’s not an executive level promotion, I’ll decline it. You can add another success to your wall and ring the bell for me!


Long story short – Having my LinkedIn updated to reflect my “new and improved” resume/CV lead to an important and unexpected personal interview. When asked to please send my CV — I was more than ready with cover letter and all. So, Thank You So Much for helping me to be “armed and dangerous” in just such an emerge-ency.

-M. C.

I wanted to take a brief moment to highly recommend Michelle Riklan and her firm. Since 2012, Michelle has provided me with professional career coaching and resume writing services. Michelle been a tremendous asset to me in defining my career path and providing me the tools to realize my goals. If you are struggling to translate your accomplishments into a meaningful resume — call Michelle!

-Robert Johnson

It was my very good fortune to have been introduced to Michelle several years ago when I began the search for a new position.

Being an English Major, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of how to write an effective resume. I could not have been more wrong. I was not getting any responses to my job inquiries, when a friend recommended I contact Michelle for help.

It was the best decision I had made in my search for a new job. She completely redesigned my work experiences into a format which was clear, concise, filled with pertinent details and quantifiable achievements. As soon as I began to circulate my new, “Michelle Riklan designed” resume, I began to receive multiple inquires every day. Happily, several of those inquires led to serious job offers and I was in the enviable position to pick and choose which one I felt best suited my needs.

I give Michelle my highest recommendation and suggest you contact her if you want to create the best resume possible, that will get you noticed and get you inquires.

-Jonathan Speelman

Michelle definitely found her calling. The resume she created for me led to several job prospects, and eventually a new position. During interviews, words and phrases from my resume were actually commented on in a most positive manner. My resume now stands out against the sea of others thanks to the creativity, ingenuity and expertise of Michelle. Thank you, Michelle!

-Kelly Moran Riffey

Happy to say I finally got a job in medical sales. The resume helped a lot. Thank You!

-Cheryl B.

Thank you for the help with the resume, cover letter, and thank you letters. I just finished the first interview for the big job. I really appreciate your expedition of the product. It really paid off. My resume has never looked so good.

-R. B.

Hi Michelle, I wanted to tell you a nice story. Back in June I had applied for a position as a Director of Nursing during an open house event. I had used my old resume that I had thrown together for one of my college classes. Yes the same resume I gave you to work off of! I never heard anything back from the facility. A few weeks back I saw the same Director of Nursing position posted on Career Builder, so I figured with my new fancy resume, I would attempt to apply again. Low and behold, I received a call from the HR Director asking for a phone interview. During the interview, she went on and on how she loved how creative my resume was. I made it through 2 additional rounds of interviews, and again each one commented on the quality and creativeness of the resume. I am excited to share, that not only was I offered and accepted the position, but the salary was GREATER than what I had requested! I cannot thank you enough for making me look so impressive, and most importantly sharing my passion for nursing, geriatrics in particular. I am excited to move on to this next chapter and I wanted you to know how grateful I am.


Michelle, wanted to mention that your name came up yesterday when I presented at the NJ Workforce & Development/Jersey Job Club. I only teach what I know, have personally used and seen to work — and obviously, I add to my experience through expert suggestions. I always give my students a short list of my top resources: Careerealism, Social-Hire (Tony Restell), and you. When I mentioned your name, Kathleen S., who runs Jersey Job Club in Neptune, immediately seconded the endorsement! She mentioned that there had been some talk about you coming in as a keynote speaker. I hope that works out sometime, because I’d love to hear you speak and meet you in person! Someone else in the group knew your name and webinars as well and said they were a big fan. Unfortunately I don’t remember which of the students it was or I’d refer you.

Please let me know if you’re presenting in Monmouth County any time. Hopefully, I will land a job soon, but I’d ask for time off to come see you! Sending you good energy and wishes for a great summer! Thanks for all you do!

-T. E.

I attended a session by Michelle A. Riklan, Executive Resume Writer, at the ASTD conference, and one of the suggestions that made sense to me was to better “build my brand” on social media. I’ve spent the past few weeks thinking about what that meant and how to execute on the idea, and I arrived at “Reflective Fridays.” It’s a take-off of TBT or Throwback Thursdays that is popular on Facebook, but I’m going to use Fridays to reflect on something from the past week that is worth sharing.

-Brian Brauer

Dear Michelle, Thank you for a clear and concise overview of creating better resumes. I learned a lot from it. There were a lot of myths that were dispelled, and I appreciated that you explained your rationale behind your solutions. Thanks again!


The speaker provided great information and was engaged. I was able to walk away with lots of take always to use for my resume and LinkedIn profile.

ASTD International Conference, 2014

Hi Michelle, hope all is well. I just wanted to drop you a note, I have been in transition from my previous position for a few months. I think I have finalized my search down to a few positions. But I wanted you to know that your FB posts regarding the resume tips, asking for raise, how to interview, etc. are great and right on. I only looked at your site today for the first time. I wish I saw it earlier in my search, but would be happy to connect for my next search. Thanks for putting that out there, and if there is anything I can do to help or connect you with anyone please let me know.


Thank you, Michelle! I am working on making many of the suggested updates to my LinkedIn profile based on your call from yesterday!


On behalf of the entire Lehigh University Marketing Faculty, both Beth Gallant and I want to again thank you for your generous time and tremendous effort in making Marketing Career Day a great success for our students.

Your outstanding presentations as one of our two special Keynote Speakers really was one of the highlights of the day with our students. Through you, they see first-hand what it takes to achieve great success in industry. Thank you for being a role model for our students to emulate.

-Steven L. Savino
Professor of Practice,Marketing Department
-John C. Swartley, Jr.
’24 Professorship
Area Coordinator, Introduction to Business
Lehigh University, College of Business & Economics

Thank you! You really opened my eyes. I had a LinkedIn profile but it was subpar. Looking to update as soon as I can!

-Matt A.

As a 24-year Association Professional, with nearly 18 years as an Executive Director, I know the way to be successful is to surround yourself with smart, top quality professional people. So when I decided to update my resume and LinkedIn profile, I did just that and honestly I found the best – Michelle Riklan. Michele is very thorough in learning about you and then turns that into the most unique style resume. I would never have thought of putting a chart in my resume! We all know we want our resumes to make us “stand out” over everyone else and that is just what Michelle did with mine. I would highly recommend Michelle for all of your career services.


Hi Michelle, I will be working as a legal secretary again for a law firm named [edited]. They are in need of my Trust & Estate experience and are willing to pay a salary comparable to what I was receiving when I was laid off a year ago.

So, your resume got me to the top of the pile!! Seriously, it was amazing how it happened. I wasn’t even looking and then a friend from my old company sent me an email with the job posting for the new company. When I saw that it was geographically desirable and that they needed my exact experience, I sent my resume. Two days later, I had an interview. A week later, I had a job offer. As simple as that. Thank you so much!

-T. K.
New Jersey

I want to take a moment to let you know that I hired Michelle to completely rewrite my resume and can’t begin to tell you how very pleased I am with the final results. She was a pleasure to work with, not to mention how quick the turnaround was. I would not hesitate to give Riklan Resources, LLC my highest recommendation. If you are looking for a true professional that can help you to make that next move, contact Michelle, you won’t be disappointed.

-Paul Kornfeind

You are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for transforming my resume. I honestly can’t think of any improvements.

-Peter D.

I am very pleased. This is what I was hoping for. Thank you for all your help. I am very satisfied. You have been a tremendous help and comfort regarding this Job search. I will certainly recommend you to others who are looking to upgrade their brand.

-Cheryl C.
Healthcare Director

Your web site and newsletter are wonderful! I teach our Senior Capstone course for the business majors at WVU at Parkersburg and recommend your site every semester! While many of our students are already employed, many are nervous about the next step after graduation. Your recommendations are concrete and current. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts and work!

-Pam Braden
Professor of Business
West Virginia University at Parkersburg

Michelle, this is perfect! I submitted it and got immediate responses… more than I could have asked for.

-J. F.
General Manager

Thank you so much. You were able to portray me as if you had known me for years! This really exceeded my expectations.

-L. C.

Using your e-book program, I’ve published my first book! You have a very practical course that I was able to put to immediate use. I’m now reading your sections on marketing — I’m very excited about the possibilities.

-Jennifer Hay

Thanks for sending me the PowerPoint presentation Connecting and Networking in the 21st Century. As suggested I would love to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. The webinar was great and look forward to additional ones.

-Kelly Stern

I looked at a number of different resume writers in order to find someone who would not simply copy and reformat my old resume but really put thought into it and provide insights on how to best reposition me. A colleague of mine had used Michelle and was very pleased with the output. I hired Michelle to rework my resume and reposition me to better suit my career interests. I also hired Michelle to complete a 1 page Bio and to refresh my LinkedIn profile. I am a marketing professional and do a lot of writing and presentations so I am a very discriminating client. I have to say, I was extremely pleased with Michelle’s work and I enjoyed working with her very much. She did a terrific job on my 3 items and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in either getting some fresh eyes on their resume or a total overhaul. She is smart, confident, easy to work with, and stays with you until you are pleased. You can have confidence in her abilities and in her judgment. She is very seasoned and presents insightful rationale and thinking behind her recommendations. The final product is exactly what I was hoping for.

-Anne Rewey
Marketing and Strategy Consultant

Michelle was instrumental in my ability to secure 7 interviews, receive 2 job offers, and helping me land my dream job. My resume got results!

-M. T.
Senior Level Marketing Director

Good news! I now have a role with [edited] thanks to your resume which really stuck in their minds. During the interview process they would bring up different components of the Brand attributes. My new role represents a promotion and compensation increase.


Marshall/Michelle, I just wanted to thank you both for putting on this presentation tonight. I found it to be very helpful. I have some work to do on cleaning up my profile! Thanks again.


Thanks Michelle for your seminar on LinkedIn with Marshall! It was great!

-Deborah M.

Thank you for the seminar tonight. I enjoyed it a lot — and I learned a lot. I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm. I could not believe how fast time went by. The materials you sent were great. Your presentation and pacing was perfect!

-Carrie M.

While using the resume and cover you provided I have gotten 3 interviews in two weeks. Will update you soon.

-L. T.

I wanted to drop you a quick line to wish you a joyous holiday season. Hopefully you have had some time to relax as 2012 comes to a close. I also wanted to update you as to my job search. I’ve recently accepted a position with [edited]. As of January 7th, I am the “Global Business Manager for Partnerships.” Basically, I am going to play a major role in developing a new platform to export their content to classrooms all over the world. There’s also a nice finance and venture aspect to it, which is awesome! Tons of traveling initially and then monthly trips to NYC and bi monthly trips to London, but I couldn’t be happier with the job specs and the team with whom I will be working! In the end, it all seems to have worked out. So, thank you again for all of your help with my resume. It would not have been possible without you. Have a wonderful new year Michelle!

-J.T. Haskins

Michelle, I searched diligently for a new job opportunity for 11 months prior to turning to you. In that 11 month time frame I applied for numerous positions in my direct field, out of my field, positions I was under and over qualified for. Headlines made me fully aware of a bad economy, but for the hundreds (literally) of resumes I submitted, I received a total of two interviews. I am a fairly confident person and because I wrote my resume, any reformatting/rewording made it new and perfect again in my eyes, but I was still receiving no results. I got to the point to where I began questioning my own skills, abilities, and value of my work history. I am happy to say that after shopping your version of my resume for just two weeks, I went on a series of interviews, and just agreed to terms for a new position, that despite the economy, is nearly double my previous salary!! I cannot explain how grateful I am, and much I will recommend your services to friends in similar positions. Thank you sincerely!! Have a GREAT holiday season. You certainly made mine!

-D. Banks

Just wanted you to see the kind of unsolicited recruiter emails I’ve been getting via LinkedIn. BTW, had 4 interviews this week, all for VP Sales gigs.

-A. S.
VP, Director of Sales
Client for LinkedIn Profile and Resume packages

Working with Michelle is working with a true professional! She did exemplary work on updating my profile and positioning me for success. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking to update their resume and profile.

-Brian Blatchley
Operations Management, Hospitality

Through the CMAA I utilized Michelle’s skill and expertise to update my LinkedIn Profile, Career Transition Resume, Hospitality Resume and Cover Letters. After following Michelle’s insightful process she delivered a superior product working well within the timelines established. I would highly recommend her as she is creative, honest and delivers an exceptional value.

-Jay Walkinshaw
General Manager / Chief Operating Officer (COO)

I worked with Michelle to review and revise my resume and cover letter process and the end product exceeded my expectations. She is prompt, professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend her and her company and would use them again in the future.

-Chad Becker
General Manager / Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Michelle is creative and has an excellent grasp of today’s marketplace. I hired her to assist with an update of my resume to include my new role of President with the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

-Melissa Murer Corrigan
Vice President, Development

Michelle gave a wonderful presentation on resumes to my monthly Job Seekers Support Group. The presentation was very well received and all participants found the information very helpful. I would gladly have Michelle back to speak at a future group.

-Elise Prezant
Project Coordinator
Jewish Family Service
Business partner

Within a relatively short period of time, Michelle was able to develop for me a resume and Linked in profile that have been judged by various audiences as being well constructed, informative and attention grabbing. In developing the various drafts she understood my comments and formed them into meaningful commentary. It was a pleasure working with her and her advice and counsel were invaluable.

-Lee Montellaro

Michelle guided me in the resume writing process, but I got much more than I expected. We discussed my achievements, my goals, and career aspirations. Her methods helped me structure my thoughts, and improved the way I communicate my qualities and career history not only on paper but also in speech. To write a resume is one thing, but to present it is art. Michelle is an artist.

-Perry Chan
Vice President, Information Technologies

Ms. Riklan has exceeded my expectations. The work she had prepared for my professional development has assisted in my career growth within the Club Management profession. Ms. Riklan advice has also raised my level of confidence while I have searched for other opportunities.

-Max D. Moreno

I worked with Michelle recently and was inspired by her knowledge and ideas for getting yourself out there to the right people when entering the job marketplace. She was instrumental in putting me on the right path for my current career. I would recommend her to anyone.

-Mike Farber
Executive Chef

Michelle provides a superior resume writing service! Her professional assistance to create a resume that gets you an interview is unmatched in quality and value! I would recommend and endorse Michelle at Riklan Resources.

-Thomas Shonkwiler

Michelle was able to take the best of my strengths and experience and condense it into a “get-noticed” resume which helped land interviews and eventually a good job. In a time when it is hard to distinguish yourself in the job market, I highly recommend using her services to stand out from hundreds of other applicants.

-Robin Spindel
Marketing Executive

Before hiring Michelle, I was not getting any interviews with my resume. Not even a phone call. What a difference now! Thank you Michelle!!

-Hervé Lévy

Just wanted to give you some feedback on the resume that you masterfully created and the “hits” thus far. The resume is really doing its job. Since I’ve uploaded it to all of the job sites, the calls and emails keep coming. I now have three good possibilities and second round interviews with three companies. At one company the CIO has contacted me directly. I will keep you posted. Thank You for a wonderful marketing tool!!!

-Jose Gomez

Michelle is a BRILLIANT and ACCOMPLISHED professional person, with amazing ideas, insight, and execution. Truly a top-notch player.

-Clint Arthur
Five Star Butter Co

Michelle helped get my resume noticed when I was having a difficult time finding a job earlier this year. In this economy, there are more people applying for jobs than ever before, and I saw a huge difference in the number of interested potential employers after working with Michelle. Michelle is a very knowledgeable, detail-oriented human resources expert, who guided me towards my current position. I’d recommend Michelle’s work, as she always puts her clients first and makes sure that out of the hundreds (or even thousands) of applicants vying for that desired position, you’ll be the one standing in the front of the pack.

-Peter Weintraub

Through the CMAA I utilized Michelle’s skill and expertise to update my LinkedIn Profile, Career Transition Resume, Hospitality Resume and Cover Letters. After following Michelle’s insightful process she delivered a superior product working well within the timelines established. I would highly recommend her as she is creative, honest and delivers an exceptional value.

-Jay Walkinshaw

I want to take a moment to let you know that I hired Michelle to completely rewrite my resume and can’t begin to tell you how very pleased I am with the final results. She was a pleasure to work with, not to mention how quick the turnaround was. I would not hesitate to give Riklan Resources, LLC my highest recommendation. If you are looking for a true professional that can help you to make that next move, contact Michelle, you won’t be disappointed.

-Paul Kornfeind

As a college student early in my academic career I was introduced to Michelle Riklan through a colleague. Instantly, Michelle confidently and passionately spoke about her success in the field of communication, career consultation and professional resume writing. Her drive and enthusiasm towards her career is inspiring and contagious. She has generously volunteered her time and knowledge to help guide me towards receiving my own resume writing certification and continues to help mentor me because she sincerely is driven to help others succeed. Since then, I have had the wonderful opportunity to publish an article in her recent book 101 Ways To Enhance Your Career. The combination of Michelle’s expertise through both the art of resume writing, and her knowledge of today’s workplace truly makes her a powerful asset to career-seeking/changing individuals. As a colleague and friend, I highly recommend this professional.

-Natalie Menendez
Riklan Resources

Michelle is creative and has an excellent grasp of today’s marketplace. I hired her to assist with an update of my resume to include my new role of President with the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. She was recommended to me by Marshall Brown, Certified Career and Executive Coach, another excellent career resource.

-Melissa Murer Corrigan

I just used Michelle to update my resume and have to let everyone know that it was a real pleasure and worth every penny! Michelle was fast, efficient, extremely professional and very easy to work with. I would offer my highest recommendation for any club manager from an intern to a seasoned veteran.

-Paul K.

Wendy Enelow and I had the pleasure to work closely with Michelle through her participation in the Resume Writing Academy flagship training and certification program. We were impressed by her dedication, hard work, and quick grasp of critical concepts from resume strategy through resume writing and page design. By completing this rigorous program and earning her ACRW credential, she truly proved herself to be “best in class” in the field of resume writing!

-Louise Kursmark
Founder and Director
Resume Writing Academy

SUCCESS STORY! I start my new position on 5/2 with my company. Working from home, 20% travel a year (minimal). Many factors went into the new role, but I do believe the work you did for me helped, as the folks in this division were not familiar with my work. The first glance at me that they had was the resume you did for me! Thank you!

-Dawn R.
Project/Operations Management

I wanted to say thank you for your expertise and assistance which you so graciously provided. Not 2 days after sending out my “new” resume, I received a call from a recruiter who instantly recognized that my experiences were tailor made for a job opening he had. After a series of interviews, I was offered the job just last week and accepted the offer. I know that your assistance in reworking my resume brought me the recognition I needed to be seen as a viable candidate. The clear & concise style which you recommended allowed the recruiter to see what was truly important and match me with the job he had.

-Jonathan S.
Sales Executive
New York

Michelle was great to work with. She assisted me in reworking my resume which produced great results in a relatively short amount of time. She is thorough, creative and very professional. I would highly recommend Michelle for any professional growth or resume writing services.

-Marc Kempner

Hi Michelle, I just wanted to let you know that the resume you created for me worked! I start a dream career on Monday 3/14 and am more than certain I wouldn’t be at this point without the resume you crafted for me!

-Jerry Jarrett
Sales Management

Michelle was great to work with. She assisted me in reworking my resume which produced great results in a relatively short amount of time. She is thorough, creative and very professional. I would highly recommend Michelle for any professional growth or resume writing services.

-Logistics Manager

I wanted to write to you to tell you how ridiculously happy I am with your work. It has been the BEST investment in my career I have made outside of my degrees. It literally was a resume makeover. I have gotten several unsolicited calls only one day after posting the resume. Again, the before and after resumes are unbelievable.

-Brooklyn Dicent
Director of Learning and Development

Michelle is a woman of excellence and integrity with a unique ability to connect on multiple platforms focusing on the solution and creating awareness to bring out the best in you. Thank you Michelle for the opportunity to work with you and for taking the time to listen and really hear my needs.

-Dr. Lisa Christiansen

Michelle Riklan is a highly dynamic professional who has contributed to the professional resume industry as both a top-performer (winner of a CDI Toast of the Resume Industry international resume award) and a member of a publishing team responsible for bringing numerous self-help and educational materials to the general public. Michelle is vibrant and results-focused. She strives to be a leader in the resume writing industry and amongst her peer. It is but a few select professionals who attain the caliber of awards that Michelle has achieved. I would recommend her to job seekers looking for professional assistance.

-Laura DeCarlo
Executive Director & President
Career Directors International