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WEBINARS from Career Confidential

FREE: How to Answer Interview Questions

Got a job interview in your future? If so, you NEED to come to this free webinar. Learn a proven strategy to CRUSH your interview and make them practically beg to hire you.

FREE: Fastest Way To Get A Job

“Stop competing with THOUSANDS of job seekers for advertised jobs!”

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EBOOKS from Peggy McKee

FREE: How to Answer Interview Questions: 50 Tough Questions – Answered


FREE: Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Prep

This 20-page guide explains everything you should be doing BEFORE the interview.

EBOOKS from CareerSherpa

You Need A Job: 5 Steps to Get One! and the Bonus Audio Chapter $59.75

108-page PDF packed with step-by-step instructions of exactly what you need to know to start your search off on the right foot.

You Need a Job: 5 Steps to Get it Done from CareerSherpa


Online Training

HIRED! The Ultimate Job Search Course

Our new 7-module, self-paced, online job search course is unmatched in the marketplace for its rigor, effectiveness and comprehensiveness! HIRED! takes you through a step-by-step protocol for surpassing your competition to land a job faster!


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In-Person Seminars and Training

The Leader’s Institute®

Fearless Presentations® and Public Speaking Secrets®, along with other team-building courses, are composed of individual modules that can be customized into a range of time periods from a one-hour keynote address to a one-day or two-day seminar, to a series of individual sessions for time-spaced learning so we have a solution for every group. Click here to read how one team event, Build-A-Bike®, built the team and helped two charities.



Autopilot for LinkedIn

Autopilot for LinkedIn is a methodology that can be put into practice to make your valuable LinkedIn time more efficient.