Corporate Outplacement in New Jersey and New York City

Layoffs aren’t personal. We are.

Downsizing can be a tough time for both you and your employees. You hate to lose loyal team members, and they hate the uncertainty of their future.

At Riklan Resources, we streamline your layoff on both sides of the office door – with corporate outplacement services that get your employees to their next careers faster.



Handling Company Layoffs With Care & Expertise

Put yourself in your employee’s position: Imagine if someone walked into your office right now and said you were fired.

No matter what your position is, losing a job is devastating as it affects you and the people who depend on you the most—your family.

So when the news gets around about company layoffs, everyone asks “What do I do now?”

Riklan Resources is here to answer that question. As a career consultant, if your corporation needs outplacement services or transition planning in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia areas, Riklan Resources offers expert career transition services.

We help alleviate the blow to your employees by helping them create a transition plan, discover their strengths, compete in the market, and launch new careers.

Career Transition Services and Corporate Outplacement Services

Losing a job is one of the most shocking and disheartening experiences a person can have, and it’s no easier for the person handling the big company layoff. No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, and facing a large group of people with layoff notices in your hand can be downright depressing.

But you’ll be able to hold your head high when you and your employees know that you’re doing everything you can to help them through the transition. That’s where we come in.

Corporate Outplacement Services from Riklan Resources include:

  • Professional and Compelling Resumes
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Self-evaluation and Career Coaching
  • Job Search Tools and  Strategy Development
  • Cover Letters
  • Interview Prep
  • Confidence Building & Negotiation Strategies

We help employees uncover their strengths and reassess their career goals. This layoff could be the push they needed to finally go after their dream job!

Your Career Consultant For Painless Company Layoffs

Whether you’re laying off 1 person or 100, we offer your company a flexible, customizable corporate outplacement service that is simple and effective. Riklan Resources conducts expert training such as, “Painless Termination: A practical guide for managers, “and even word-for-word scripts to help managers facilitate the exit process quickly, without making employees feel they were treated unfairly or as if their contributions were unappreciated. We offer onsite training and implementation through workshops for both groups and individuals. Our career transition services are a blessing to both the corporation and the individual!

How We Help Your Employees Create a Transition Plan:

  • Job Search Strategy
  • Career Coaching
  • Resume Writing
  • Personal Support—Getting Them Through the Layoff

With our help, your employees can land their next job faster — before they even file for unemployment (which also saves you money).

Outplacement Services / Transition Services Assist You & Your Employees

Our services do not just assist your employees, but helps your company during company layoffs as well.

Our expertise in creating transition plans for your employees will:

  • Help save your company’s reputation from the typical social backlash that follows layoffs.
  • Reduce the potential for “wrongful termination” lawsuits filed by disgruntled ex-employees.
  • Pay less unemployment benefits.  The sooner your affected employees find jobs, the less you’ll have to pay.

Protect your relationship with former employees, who may end up working for your competitors, or coming back to work for you one day.

Dealing with a company layoff in the metropolitan New York, New Jersey, or Philadelphia areas? Let us help today!  Call us today at 1-800-540-3609.

Professional Corporate Outplacement Services in the metropolitan New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia areas.