Learn How To Enhance Your Resume and Compete In Today’s Job Market

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101 Great Ways to Compete in Today’s Job Market

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101 Great Ways to Compete in Today’s Job Market [E-Book Version]

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Whether you are seeking answers for yourself or working with a client on career objectives, this book offers solutions, suggestions, advice and support on a wide range of topics including: retirement, business development, career branding, difficult work environments, effective communication, goals, job hunting, leadership resume strategies and telephone interviews. This book is a perfect tool for anyone who is looking to start a career, get ahead in their current position, return to the workforce, start their own business or is in a role that assists others with career development.

101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career

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We are fortunate to have so many collaborative authors to share expertise, impart wisdom and entertain us with relative anecdotes. In 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career, we have compiled a thoughtful collection of 101 unique chapters from some of the industry s leading experts. Our experts are varied with impressive backgrounds and credentials from previously published authors and television personalities to coaches, business owners and heads of associations. They are all stellar educators who have shared information on topics that are personally relevant and hope to inspire and motivate their readers.

101 Job-Seeking Tips for College Grads
& ways to avoid job search sabotage

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Entering the workforce in a challenging job market can be… well, a challenge. Today’s career climate just isn’t easy, but you do not have to travel this path alone. We have gathered 101 top experts in career services (universities, career coaches, CEOs, etc.) who were willing and excited to share their expertise. This e-book will encourage, inspire, and guide you on your journey to procure and actualize your career objectives.

Interviewing: The Gold Standard Workbook
(self-study or add-on to coaching session)

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Turn all your interviews to Gold! Save hundreds of hours with the only guide that has everything you need to maximize your candidacy from interview planning through job acceptance. Master an easy 5-step process for creating answers that capture employer interest on any question. Learn the tricks and techniques that make all 13 types of interview work in your favor. Capture thousands of dollars in added salary with techniques you can learn in seconds.

Interview Pocket RX (Pocket Guide and 1-Minute Solutions to Ace the Interview)

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The Interview Pocket RX is a 24 page pocket-sized guide that provides you with 12 One-Minute Solutions to ace your interviews, such as identifying critical background information, showcasing your skills in the best light, avoiding slippery situations with tact, and leveraging easy strategies to maximize your final offer. Don’t let the last-minute jitters ruin your rise to success!

101 Great Ways to Skyrocket Your Career

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101 tips from over 39 authors that will give your career a boost! A collaborative effort from Career Directors International Empowerment Summit 2012 Career Experts.For a limited time, type in coupon code SKYROCKET at checkout and get this resource for FREE!

How to Create a Resume that Lands on the Top of the Pile!

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Today’s challenging job market demands that you are equipped with top-notch marketing tools. Your resume is a crucial component to your marketing campaign, and it must help to sell you effectively. This guide will walk you through the process of creating a powerful and strategic document that puts you ahead of the competition and lands on top of the pile.

*NEW!* Career Planning & Adult Development Journal

This CPADN Journal special edition focuses on career communications: resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, bios, networking conversations, and interview messages – the now, the new, and the next – with guest editors Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark.

Plus, Great Resources from…

ULTIMATE Job Search Guide 2012

A proven approach and no-nonsense, step-by-step guide for getting more job interviews and turning them into job offers. You’ll find cutting-edge advice on every job search and interview topic, with practical tactics you can implement today on every page.At over 350 pages, this is the most complete and practical job search guide available anywhere in the world (it’s published in 27 languages).

Secrets and Strategies

Lots of books tell you to pursue your dreams; this one tells you exactly how to make it happen.Martin takes you on a journey of discovery that will change the trajectory of your life forever. You’ll learn how to successfully navigate the twists and turns of your entire career: from landing that next job, through making your job secure, winning promotions, choosing and changing careers, to bringing your entrepreneurial dreams to life.This book is an integrated blueprint for career success.

Professional Communication

Knock ’em Dead Professional Communication is a practical review of how to supercharge your professional communications skills.This book delivers the strategies and tactics you need to make a dynamic impression whenever you have an audience. You will learn to build the strong communication skills that will enhance your credibility in the workplace and deliver increased visibility and greater job security.

Breaking Into Management

The greatest rewards in the professional world are largely reserved for those successful in the ranks of management. Knock ’em Dead Breaking Into Management: The Essentials of Survival & Success shares the strategies and tactics that help you break into management and survive long enough to succeed.This book introduces you to the real functions of a successful manager and teaches the practical lessons you need to learn in order to prosper.

Resume Templates

Your resume is the most financially important document you will ever own. When it works, you work; and when it doesn’t, you don’t.Knock ’em Dead Resumes & Templates you get complete, no-nonsense advice on how to write a killer resume and use it in your job search, plus professionally designed templates that deliver a crisp, clean professional look. You get cutting edge advice, plus 110 brand new, ready-to-use resume templates in Microsoft Word.

Job Search Letter Templates

Knock ’em Dead Job Search Letter Templates has 128 pages of advice on how to create killer job search letters, and how to use them to increase your chances of getting that dream job offer.Plus you get 125 brand new, ready-to-use job search letter templates in Microsoft Word.This book contains the most current advice available anywhere on creating killer job search letters, and it’s the only one that gives you 125 ready-to-use letter templates.

ULTIMATE E-Book Collection

Essential reading and success strategies whether you are climbing towards the ranks of management or giving yourself a no-nonsense refresher course. This Ultimate Success Pack includes: Knock em Dead Resume Templates, Knock em Dead Job Search Letter Templates, Knock em Dead The ULTIMATE Job Search Guide 2012, Knock em Dead Professional Communication, Knock em Dead Breaking Into Management, The Essentials of Survival & Success.