Alert! Don’t Resign Until You’ve Asked Yourself These Questions

Happy 2017! A new year is a great time to look at your life. Many people take this time to take stock of their health, fitness, eating habits, relationships, homes, and of course, their work.

So how is your workplace? Are you happy there? Is your career fulfilling? Does your current position offer you room to grow? Could you – would you – be happier trying something new?

If your answers to any of these questions point you towards a new job, there are a few things that you should be considering before you brush up your resume and start searching the want ads.



3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Switching Jobs in 2017

1. Are you worth more, salary-wise?

Next time you’re on a job board, take note of what other companies pay workers in similar positions as you.

If you’re making far less than they are, you may be underpaid. Of course, you need to consider how much experience you have, but sometimes, it might not add up, and the company is simply not paying you what you deserve. If this is the case, you may have to consider looking for a job at a place that knows what you are worth – and is willing to compensate.

2. How do you really feel about your work?

Something about your current job is bothering you. Maybe it’s not really bad. Just something nagging at you, whether it’s your colleagues or your boss, or the way the assignments are distributed.

Maybe you are being passed over for projects. Maybe the promotions are few and far between. Maybe you got a raise, but it wasn’t as big as you were expecting.

These things can start to add up, and create one big problem. If you don’t feel as good about your workplace as you did when you first got the job, you may want to consider looking at jobs elsewhere.

3. Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself 10 years from now. Now visualize your work now. Is your current position putting you on the path to that dream job?

If your current job is giving you the skills and experiences you need, or if it is making you happy now, then you’re on the right path.

If it is in a completely different field than where you want to be working, then you might want to consider finding something that will lead to that dream. When you do start searching for jobs, only apply for jobs that you can see as a benefit in your future.

Room to Grow

Ideally, your current job will have room for you to grow, both as a person and professionally. It will allow you to keep getting raises for your performance and fund or support professional development. You want to keep learning at your job – if not, it will become boring pretty quickly.

In the end, go with your gut when deciding whether to switch jobs. Sometimes, a job can look right on paper, but something is just lacking. Follow your instincts.