Creating a Better Candidate Experience:  Tips for Recruiting and Interviewing

Good is sometimes a loaded word.

Good often means just passable or adequate. But raise the standards a little, and you can go from good to better. Raise it even more, and you can be recognized as the best in your field.

When sourcing a candidate for a job, sometimes recruiters forget that candidates are rating and comparing us, too. Today, I’ll share specific ways to give your job candidates the very best experience.

Make Your Jobs Easy to Find

Post your jobs in places that candidates will see. Have a link on your homepage, on an industry association page or on job boards that you know people in your industry will check.

Remember that word of mouth is very important, so ask your current employees to spread the word of an opening. Take recommendations seriously, and look twice at resumes that come in through referrals.

Take another look at your website. Make sure the job listing is highlighted prominently. In fact, consider giving it a prime spot in the header or footer.

Make the Application Process Easy

Have a place where employees can attach their resumes and upload pieces of their portfolio instead of having them type everything out and be certain it’s a simple and quick process for candidates to apply for your jobs.

Add Biographies to Your Website

Potential applicants want to know who they will be working with if they get accepted to work for your company.

If you include biographies and the qualifications of people who already work with you, potential applicants can read through them to find out if they’re a good fit.

Share Company Updates

Let potential hires know what is happening at your company so they can get excited and be eager to be a part of it.

Hiring is a breeze when you can about matching skills with a fit for company culture. If applicants can see themselves working on some of you company’s current projects, it’s a good sign that they will do well at the company.

Post Mobile-Friendly Job Ads

People are always on the go, and looking for jobs during their breaks and their downtime. That’s why job seekers often use their mobile devices to search for open positions.

Make it easy for them to browse your site. Many applicants have a copy of their resume on their mobile, so make it easy to upload a document on the mobile version of your website.

Hear Applicants Out

After you’ve interviewed the potential recruit, turning the tables and asking if they have any questions for you will tell you if they will be able to contribute something valuable to a company.

Ask Open-ended Questions

Let the potential recruit talk during the interview. Ask them how they would improve the company’s policies, or if there is anything about the company or the workplace that they would like to see. Make sure your questions are relevant, interesting and unique.

Set Expectations

After the interviews are done, let interviewees know when you will choose a successful applicant, and how you will contact them, or if you will reach out at all.