Warning! 5 Signs You’re About to be Let Go

Businessman fired from work sitting sad at officeIt’s every employee’s worst nightmare – being let go from a job that they don’t want to leave, or that they’re not ready to leave. Finding yourself without a job, with bills to pay and a family to support, is likely one of the most stressful things that could happen to you as an employee.

Lately, with an uncertain job market, layoffs are getting more and more likely to happen, and in certain industries, turnover is the norm.

Usually, there are warning signs of the storm before it arrives.

5 Signs you’re about to be Let Go

Communication Delays

Your boss used to reply to your emails within minutes. Now, it takes days to get a reply. You requested a meeting to discuss an upcoming project, and your manager keeps putting it off. Delays in communication might mean that your supervisor is very busy, but it could also mean that he or she is preparing to give you the pink slip.

They may be trying to distance themselves from you, or no longer sees the point in involving you in workplace projects, as they know your days with the company are numbered.

The Cold-Shoulder

You used to chat with your manager about what you did over the weekend, or start Monday morning meetings off with a casual coffee run. Not anymore.

The friendly banter about your favorite teams at the water cooler is a thing of the past. If your boss is suddenly not as friendly with you, consider that they might be creating distance to prepare for your upcoming departure.

Your Performance is Monitored

You know that your performance has dropped over the last six months or so, and your supervisor has taken notice. As a result, you’ve been put on a performance improvement plan.

Show better results by this date, or they’ll have to discuss the terms of your contract, your boss warned. If the day has come and gone and you haven’t quite reached the goal post, you may want to start preparing your resume.

Your Workload has been Halved

While everyone else is complaining that their work never stops, your inbox is getting smaller by the day. If your boss is divvying up your duties and offloading them to your office mates, you may find yourself getting downsized soon.

Forced Vacations

“Take some time and recharge,” they said. “You have a lot of vacation time left over from 2015 – why don’t you use it up?” they asked. If the company that once begged you not to take time off due to workload is suddenly telling you to take a hike, consider that they might think of you as superfluous, or that they are trying to reduce your payout should you be fired or laid off.

It’s scary, but these are some signs that you’ll soon have to re-evaluate your employment options. Remember, it’s better to be prepared than to be taken off guard.

Have you noticed any of these signs at your workplace?