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Dominate Today’s Job Market: Get Hired Faster, for Higher Paying and Meaningful Work You Love

Are you stuck in a job you hate? Tired of working your butt off on projects that don’t interest you in the slightest?

Or maybe you’re just gratefully employed? After months of sending resumes—and not hearing back—you’re considered lucky to get even one interview! So you take the job, even if they pay next to nothing.

For others, finding a job—ANY job—is proving to be impossible.

Maybe this is more like you… You spend hours sending resumes, networking on LinkedIn and going on interviews. But whatever you do, no one wants to hire you!

Whether you rambled during the interview or answered the questions confidently, there’s always one reason you didn’t get picked. Sometimes, they find someone more experienced than you, other times you’re not a ‘cultural fit.’

“Where are all the jobs?”
“What do they have that I don’t?”

After helping hundreds of clients land a job, I realized something…

It’s not hard to get a job… if you know what to do.

And that’s the problem… majority of job seekers have no one to guide them. Sure, there’s no shortage of career advice on the web, but who’s giving that advice? Do they practice what they preach?

To solve that, I spent a year finding and interviewing experts specializing in different aspects of the job search: resumes, interviews, networking, negotiating, and career management and more.

Now you can learn the exact tactics that you can use IMMEDIATELY—whatever stage you’re in at your career—to snag that job.

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Michelle’s Trusted League of Career Experts will Guide You in Landing Your Dream Job in Record Time!

Say Goodbye to Unemployment (or Your Boring Job) and Hello to More Job Offers and Higher Salaries

Listen as 32 career experts walk you through the entire process, from choosing a Job, writing your resume, interviewing, all the way to negotiating your salary.

With their guidance, you’ll know exactly what to do at each stage of the application.

In these interviews, you’ll discover:

Finding Work that Gets you Excited

  • 3 Laws for Setting Goals and Focusing on Your Chosen Career Path (Never get Stuck in a Job You Hate Again)
  • Tell-tale Signs Your Job’s Crushing Your Soul and How to Find a Job that Brings You Back to Life
Outshining the Competition
  • Shortcuts to Reach Hiring Managers Directly and Get a Job Offer in Record Time
  • How to Stand Out in a Mass of Candidates Vying for the Same Job
  • The Would-be Graduate’s Ultimate Guide to Getting a Good Internship
  • Can we Really Trust Job Descriptions Alone? Discover what Companies Really Look for When Hiring Employees get
The Lucrative Market No One Tells You About
  • The Hidden Job Market: Apply for High Paying Jobs without Pitting Yourself with Thousands of Applicants
  • Shortcuts and Secret “Hotspots” to Reach the Right People—Hiring Managers and Decision Makers—in LinkedIn
Getting Your Resume Read
  • ATS: The Culprit behind Trashed Resumes that Never got Read (and What You can Do to Avoid the Same Fate)
  • Resume Blunders that Make You Look like a Total Fraud
  • How to Write a Dazzling Resume that will Get You an Interview
Converting Interviews into Paychecks (and Raises)
  • How to Take Charge of Salary Negotiations without Putting Your Job Offer at Risk
  • The Shocking Truth about Your Clothes— and How it Affects Your Chances of Getting a 2nd Interview
  • 5 Questions the Interviewer Wants You to Ask that No One Ever Told You About
  • How to Get a Pay Raise and Promotion in a Tough Market

While many applicants are stuck checking job boards or figuring out what their ‘passion’ is— you’ll be forging ahead.

Big Results from People Just Like You

Michelle was instrumental in my ability to secure 7 interviews, receive 2 job offers, and helping me land my dream job. My resume got results!
M.T., Senior Level Marketing Director

Hi Michelle, I wanted to tell you a nice story. Back in June I had applied for a position as a Director of Nursing during an open house event. I had used my old resume that I had thrown together for one of my college classes… yes the same resume I gave you to work off of! I never heard anything back from the facility. A few weeks back I saw the same Director of Nursing position posted on Career Builder, so I figured with my new fancy resume, I would attempt to apply again. Low and behold, I received a call from the HR Director asking for a phone interview. During the interview, she went on and on how she loved how creative my resume was. I made it through 2 additional rounds of interviews, and again each one commented on the quality and creativeness of the resume. I am excited to share that not only was I offered and accepted for the position, but the salary was GREATER than what I had requested! I cannot thank you enough for making me look so impressive, and most importantly sharing my passion for nursing, geriatrics in particular. I am excited to move on to this next chapter and I wanted you to know how grateful I am. Please feel free to use me as a reference! Fondly,

Marshall/Michelle- I just wanted to thank you both for putting on this presentation tonight. I found it to be very helpful. I have some work to do on cleaning up my profile! Thanks again.

The National Career Summit’s interview compilation isn’t ‘filler’ content to make you feel better about yourself.

It’s NOT a set of vague tips and buzzwords you can find on Google.

And it’s NOT something you’ll buy, listen to for two days then forget. Every interview recording is filled with actionable steps you can do immediately to get closer to your dream job.

Will You still be Clueless and Unemployed Next Month?

Will you still be stuck in a job you hate?

Imagine, a few weeks from now, you could be signing a job offer with a substantial pay increase doing something you actually care about!

What would getting paid your worth mean to you?

How much stress-free would you be if you didn’t have to worry about layoffs again?

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Expert #1

Clinton Kelly What NOT to Wear on a Job Interview

  • Learn what NOT to wear in a job interview and increase your likelihood of being asked back for a 2nd interview.
  • Discover how what you are wearing can impact your mood and how you present yourself to a future employer.
  • Identify important details about your appearance to consider when going out into the workforce, and how to make sure you are completely put together.
Clinton Kelly is an American fashion consultant and media personality best known for his role as co-host on What Not to Wear, a reality program that features fashion makeovers. He shares on-air duties with Stacy London. Kelly started his career as a freelance writer for several fashion magazines. Although he still continues to write, he has since expanded into fashion consulting and designing. In 2011 Kelly joined the cast of ABC’s daytime cooking show The Chew.

Expert #2

Martin Yate

Knock ‘em Dead, NY Times Bestselling Author

Setting Career Goals and Planning Your Career Path

  • Find the three ways to set Career Goals and find out what is holding you back from full success in business and life.
  • The one thing you need to know to transform your Career NOW!
  • Gain a technique for laser focusing your Career Path.
Martin Yate, CPC, New York Times bestseller, is the author of Knock ‘Em Dead-The Ultimate Job Search Guide, now in its 27th edition. It is the keystone of a 15-book career management series, collectively published in some 63 foreign language editions. Martin has been in career management for 35 year years and has established a global reputation as a thought leader of his profession. As Dun & Bradstreet says, “He’s just about the best in the business.” At, Martin offers resume LinkedIn profile writing and career coaching services.

Expert #3

Liz Ryan

Break all the Rules and Get that Dream Job!

  • Everything you’ve learned about job-search is wrong.
  • You can put your own voice into your resume, reach hiring managers directly, and avoided the dreaded Black Hole to get a better job than
    you ever thought you could.
  • It doesn’t take degrees or certifications to get your dream job – it only takes a bit of mojo and the willingness to step outside the box.
Liz Ryan is CEO of Human Workplace, a former Fortune 500 Human Resources VP and the world’s most widely-read career and workplace advisor. Liz’s out-of-the-box take on job search and careers is shaking up the traditional career marketplace and helping working people around the world take charge of their careers. Liz’s revolutionary job-search tools, the Human-Voiced Resume and Pain Letters, have helped thousands of people break out of the hopeless Black Hole recruiting box and get great jobs with employers who value their talents. As Liz teaches, “If they don’t get you, they don’t deserve you.”Liz Ryan reaches 30 million readers per month via her columns for Business Week, Kiplinger’s Finance, Yahoo!,, Harvard Business Review, LinkedIn, the Denver Post and Huffington Post. Liz is a commentator for CNN, Fox, MSNBC, BBC Radio and NPR and a beloved advisor and inspiration to her fans around the world. Liz is the author of “Happy About Online Networking: the Virtual-ly Simple Way to Build Professional Relationships” and an international keynote speaker who has addressed hundreds of corporate, university and government audiences, including the United Nations. Liz teaches career strategy and branding to MBA candidates at the University of Colorado – Boulder and is a regular on HuffPost Live. Through her company, Human Workplace, Liz teaches millions of working people to step up to their true potential and stop living their lives on someone else’s terms. Liz and her husband Michael live in Boulder, Colorado with their five kids. When she’s not writing, speaking or drawing the evocative artwork for her columns and podcasts, Liz Ryan sings opera professionally.

Expert #4

Brian Tracy

Earn What You’re Really Worth

  • 3 Ways to Increase Your Value to Get Paid More and Promoted Faster in ANY Market
  • 6 Principles of Time Management and Productivity
  • How to Capitalize on Your Strengths
Brian Tracy is a top business and motivational speaker, consultant, and best-selling author. In the last 30 years, he’s consulted for more than 1,000 companies-including IBM, Ford, Federal Express, and Hewlett Packard-
and has spoken to more than five million people worldwide on sales, business, leadership, self-esteem, goals, strategy, and success psychology. He’s the top-selling author of more than 55 books, including Eat That Frog!, and has
produced more than 300 audio-video learning programs, including the worldwide best-selling Psychology of Achievement. He’s one of the most sought-after success coaches and has transformed the lives of millions of people. For more
information on Brian Tracy, go to

Expert #5

J.T. O’Donnell

How to Find a Career that Excites You

  • Define for yourself what an “exciting” career is.
  • Understand why so many people fail to have one.
  • Discover what steps you can take to find a career that excites you.
Jeanine Tanner “J.T.” O’Donnell is a career strategist and workplace consultant who helps American workers of all ages find greater professional satisfaction.Unlike other advisors, O’Donnell works with both individual clients and corporations, giving her access to emerging workforce trends. A graduate of Tufts University with a degree in Engineering Psychology, she has 18+ years of experience, managing, training and coaching people of all ages on a wide variety of career topics.O’Donnell’s work has been cited in Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, The Boston Globe,,,, Smart Money, MORE Magazine,,,, and dozens of other national publications.

Expert #6

William Arruda

Personal Branding

  • Why is Personal Branding so important to differentiate yourself in the job market?
  • What are the top strategies that people are using for Personal Branding?
  • The top mistakes people are making using Personal Branding.
Dubbed the “Personal Branding Guru” by Entrepreneur, William Arruda is credited with turning the concept of personal branding into a global industry. Founder of Reach Personal Branding and author of Ditch. Dare. Do!, he has delivered more personal branding keynotes, in more countries, than anyone else on Earth. He inspires top talent in Fortune 100 and respected global brands with optimism, enthusiasm, creativity, boundless energy, and genuine belief in the power of the individual to achieve great things. Learn more at or

Expert #7

Viveka von Rosen
Getting Yourself in Front of the Right People with LinkedIn

  • Learn the secret to successful prospecting on LinkedIn.
  • Explore strategies and techniques for positioning yourself in front of prospects.
  • Develop ways to best engage with prospects on LinkedIn.
Viveka von Rosen is author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day and is known internationally as the “LinkedIn Expert”. CEO of Linked Into Business, and co-founder of Linked Prospecting, she also hosts the biggest LinkedIn chat on Twitter and co-moderates Linked Strategies, the largest LinkedIn strategy group on LinkedIn. Forbes has listed her as a top social media influencer, and she has been cited in Money Magazine, Ragan, CNN, Forbes, Mashable, The Miami Herald, Social Media Today and The Social Media Examiner!Website: http://LinkedIntoBusiness.comLinkedIn:

Expert #8

Hannah Morgan

Build Your Online Reputation: How to Create the Right Digital Dirt

  • Find out which sites will boost your name to the first page of search results.
  • Learn which social networks are best for quickly creating an online presence.
  • Develop a regimen to keep your online reputation top of mind.
Hannah Morgan, Job Search and Social Media StrategistCareerSherpa.netHannah is a speaker and author providing no-nonsense career advice; she serves as a guide in today’s treacherous job search terrain. Hannah is passionate about keeping up with the latest trends in reputation management, social networking strategies, and other methods for standing out in today’s competitive world. She recently co-authored a new book to help entrepreneurs and small business owners market their businesses Social Networking for Business Success: How To Turn Your Ideas Into Income.

Hannah is nationally recognized influencer of pro-active job search and is frequently quoted in local and national publications and recognized in’s The Monster 11 for 2011: Career Experts Who Can Help Your Job Search. You can learn more about Hannah on Career Sherpa and follow her on Twitter @careersherpa.

Expert #9

Elisabeth Sanders-Park
Discovering and Removing Obstacles in your Job Search

  • Evaluate the biggest obstacles job seekers and career changers face today, and strategies to combat them.
  • Learn how you can discover what may be “screening you out” from a job offer.
  • Develop “side door” techniques for shortening the job search process.
Elisabeth Sanders-Park is a nationally-acclaimed ‘tough career transitions’ expert. She co-authored the L.A. Times top ten career book ‘No One Is Unemployable’ and ‘The 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job’, and is known for delivering hopeful, innovative, practical solutions that produce immediate and lasting results fast.Her specialty is removing obstacles that keep people from landing jobs and getting promotions. Over the last 15+ years, she has established more than 150 employment programs, trained more than 20,000 career practitioners, and impacted more than 1 million job seekers worldwide. Learn more at and connect at [email protected].

Expert #10

Robin Schlinger

How to Navigate Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Gain a solid understanding of how Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) work and what you must know.
  • Determine how to incorporate keywords and phrases for Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Resume Formats.
  • Identify Applicant Tracking System (ATS) “landmines” and learn how to avoid them.
Robin Schlinger, as a recognized Resume Writing Expert, is a Master Career Director (MCD), Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW), Certified Federal Resume Writer (CFRW), Certified Electronic Career Coach (CECC) and Job and Career Transition Coach (JCTC). Robin adds value to resumes and other career marketing documents as the owner of Robin’s Resumes® ( Robin often speaks at job-seeker and career industry conferences.Robin uses her previous experience as a Senior Engineer and Planning Analyst to help her clients. Robin earned a BSChE with a concentration in Writing from MIT.

Expert #11

Miriam Salpeter

Twitter and Facebook for Job Seekers

  • Learn the main ways you can use Facebook and Twitter to find a job.
  • Explore Networking techniques for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Gain valuable tools and strategies for using social media in your job search.
Miriam Salpeter, MA, social media strategist, job search coach and owner of Keppie Careers, is a go-to expert for job search and small business marketing strategies. An in-demand coach, writer and speaker, she authored three books, including the brand new Social Networking for Business Success and Social Networking for Career Success, which was just released in a new edition.CNN named Miriam a “Top 10 job tweeter,” and she’s been featured on CNN and quoted in outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times for her cutting-edge advice. She contributes weekly to U.S. News & World Report’s On Careers column and to Miriam teaches job seekers and entrepreneurs how to take advantage of social media tools to demonstrate their expertise and build their brands.Learn more and sign up for a free copy of “60 Tips to Land a Job” via

Expert #12

Lee Miller

Negotiating: Get More Money in Your Next Job in Any Economy (Or a Raise in Your Current Job)

  • Explore the “11 Commandments of Employment Negotiations”.
  • Master strategies for negotiating a promotion and higher compensation.
  • Succeed in getting what you want out of a job offer.
Lee Miller is the Managing Director of the Advanced Human Resources Group Inc. with offices in the USA and Asia and is a columnist with the New Jersey Star Ledger.A graduate of Harvard Law School, he is a human resources consultant, executive/career coach and corporate trainer in the field of leadership, influencing and negotiating. He works with individuals and organizations on how they can more effectively lead and influence others both internally and externally. An adjunct professor of management at Seton Hall University, he teaches MBA courses in managerial influencing and negotiating, managerial decision-making and human resources management.Lee is a five time recipient of the Stillman School’s Award for Teaching Excellence. In addition, he serves as an adjunct professor at Columbia University, where he teaches graduate level courses in influencing and negotiating. Among the books he has written are UP: Influence Power and The U Perspective- The Art of Getting What You Want, featured on Fox and Friends, A Woman’s Guide To Successful Negotiating (McGraw Hill), selected by Atlanta Woman Magazine as one of the fifty best books for professional women and a featured book on the Early Show and Good Morning America and Get More Money on Your Next Job… In Any Economy.

Previously he was the Head of Human Resources at TV Guide Magazine, USA Networks and Barney’s New York, Inc., a Vice President of Labor and Employee Relations at R.H. Macy & Co. Inc. and a partner and co-chair of the employment and labor group at Shanley & Fisher, (now Drinker, Biddle & Shanley) one of the largest law firms in New Jersey. Lee is the former Chair of the International Association of Corporate and Professional Recruiters, and Secretary to the Union County Motion Picture Advisory Board. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Washington State Bar Association Credit Union and on the Board of Directors of the American Repertory Ballet Company as well as chair of the ARB’s Personnel Committee. He is a member of the New Jersey Organization Development Network and serves as an advisor to, and an honorary director of, the Tianjin Society in Singapore.

A frequent speaker, he has appeared on CBS’s “The Early Show,” ABC’s “Good Morning America,” “ Fox and Friends,” ABC’s “Money Talk,” NBC’s “Today New York,” CNN’s “Your Money’s Worth,” CNBC’s “Power Lunch,” Bloomberg “Personal Finance,” MSNBC’s “Economy Watch” and NPR’s “Morning Edition.” He has addressed groups such as the American Management Association, Society for Food Management, Columbia Business School, Princeton University, GSSHRM, Harvard Business School Alumni Association,, New Jersey Society of Human Resources, the New Jersey Governor’s Conference on Women, International Association of Corporate and Professional Recruiters National Conference, Women in Power Asia Conference in Malaysia, the NYC Venture Capital Conference, University of West Indies Leadership Conference and the Wharton Media and Entertainment Conference. You can contact Lee directly at [email protected]

Expert #13

Louise Kursmark

Choosing a Professional Resume Writer

  • Understand the benefits of using a professional résumé writer.
  • Learn how to find a professional resume writer who will best meet your individual needs.
  • Discover numerous services that a professional résumé writer can provide that will help you to get ahead of the competition.
One of the leading career experts in the US, Louise Kursmark is a frequent speaker and trainer to diverse audiences on any topic relating to careers. She is co-founder and director of Career Thought Leaders Consortium and the Resume Writing Academy and also works with transitioning senior executives through her private practice, Best Impression Career Services. Author of 20 books on resume writing, interviewing, and job search, Louise was the first person worldwide to earn the prestigious “Master Resume Writer” credential and is a 6-time “Best Resume” award winner. She is an avid traveler with a keen interest in urban history, baseball, and biking.

Expert #14

Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

  • Define the hidden job market.
  • Understand why job seekers should reach out to companies even if they don’t have an open job posted.
  • Identify and implement strategies for tapping the hidden job market.
Mary Elizabeth Bradford is a top award-winning career-services industry expert and is known as “The Career Artisan.” She has 16 years’ experience providing job-search coaching and marketing and branding documents for mid-to-senior-level job seekers. Known as a hidden job market expert, Mary Elizabeth has shown hundreds of professionals at all levels how to get off the job board treadmill and land interviews.Her Job-Search Success System is a revolutionary system that teaches job seekers, step by step, how to set up an easy, turnkey job search that gets results in the hidden job market. Mary Elizabeth lives in the beautiful Hill country of Texas with her husband and daughter. Log on to her Web site,

Expert #15

Laura Labovich

How to Communicate for Success in your Job Search

  • Learn the advantages of creating scripts for your job search.
  • Explore strategies for how to communicate effectively.
  • Hear a finished pitch that you can use in your job search.
Laura M. Labovich is the CEO of The Career Strategy Group, a career management and outplacement firm in Bethesda, Maryland, that offers job seekers a solution to shave months off a challenging job search. She is the coauthor of 100 Conversations for Career Success: Learn to Network, Cold-Call and Tweet Your Way to Your Dream Job-affectionately referred to as the communication bible for job seekers and a Forbes Top 5 pick for Best Career Books of 2013. Laura is an in-demand speaker at conferences nationwide and has been seen in and heard on NPR, Sirius, XM, NBC, FOX News and more. Laura can be reached at

Expert #16

Peggy McKee

Interview Skills 101

  • Learn 12 Ways to Research Your Potential Employer before the Interview.
  • How to Answer the 7 Most Typical Interview Questions.
  • What are the top 12 Great Questions Candidates should ask.
Peggy McKee is an expert resource and a dedicated advocate for job seekers. Known as the Sales Recruiter from Career Confidential, her years of experience as a nationally-known recruiter for sales and marketing jobs give her a unique perspective and advantage in developing the tools and strategies that help job seekers stand head and shoulders above the competition. Peggy has been named #1 on the list of the Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters by HR Examiner, and has been quoted in articles from CNN, CAP TODAY, Yahoo! HotJobs, and the Denver Examiner.

Expert #17

Michelle Riklan

Resume Writing 101

  • Debunk the myths and misconceptions of what a résumé “should be”.
  • Understand the 5 basic strategies used to develop a compelling résumé.
  • Learn how a résumé is truly a marketing tool, and how to create one that will sell you to a potential employer.
Michelle holds a B.A. in Theatre, English Literature and Speech Communications from Hofstra University. While beginning her corporate career, she pursued and completed a M.A. in Speech and Interpersonal Communications from New York University where she also served as an Instructor in Voice and Diction/Public Speaking. Utilizing her education and presentation skills, she continued a career path in Human Resource Management. Her areas of expertise include employment, employee relations, and training and development.With a combined 25 years of in-house corporate and targeted consulting experience, Michelle services large corporations as well as small businesses and individuals in all aspects of organizational development and career management. As a consultant, she has had the opportunity to work in a wide range of industries.Michelle is a frequent media guest, training/workshop facilitator, and speaker. Topics include leadership development, management, team-building, DiSC, social media, marketing tools for job seekers (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn), job search, interviewing, entering the workforce, changing careers, and more.Michelle is an internationally recognized, 3X award winning résumé writer and a member of several prestigious career and résumé writing organizations. As a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) and Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC), Michelle has written hundreds of résumés and coached clients through all phases of the job search. Her résumés get results!

Michelle is also a co-founder of, the # 1 Self Improvement website on the Internet.

Expert #18

Donna Sweidan

What’s New Hot and Hidden on LinkedIn

  • Understand the value of a strong LinkedIn profile.
  • Learn the 3 most important features on LinkedIn that can help you manage and advance your Job Search.
  • Discover LinkedIn’s secret “hotspots”.
Donna Sweidan, MA, LMHC, MCC is a career coach, licensed counselor and LinkedIn expert. A sought-after speaker and passionate advocate for social media for career and job search success, Donna established Careerfolk, LLC to provide an holistic approach to career management. She offers a unique blend of psychological counseling and concrete coaching that takes clients on a journey from soul search to social media. Donna is known for guiding job seekers and career changers through in-depth self-exploration to help them find fulfilling and meaningful work. She then helps them leverage social media to accelerate their job search and long-term career success. An advocate for teaching the new rules for career management, she is the author of You are the Boss, How to create Income security in a world without Job security. She is a contributor to The Twitter Job Search Guide, and has been quoted in various major news outlets including CNN, New York Times, International Business Times,, more about Careerfolk’s job search accountability and support groups and sign up for a copy of How to Stand Out and Get Found on LinkedIn: 10 Steps To Optimizing Your Profile at and chat with us at

Expert #19

Nancy H. Segal

Preparing Veterans and Others for Federal Employment

  • How Veteran’s Can Prepare for jobs in the public and private sectors.
  • Where to find Federal Employment opportunities.
  • Securing your first government job.
Nancy H. Segal is a federal human resources training and job search expert. Following her own 30-year federal HR career (much of it at the senior level), she founded Solutions for the Workplace LLC in 2003 to provide an HR management perspective to both federal managers and astute applicants to U.S. government positions. Having interviewed and hired more than a thousand employees, Nancy knows how to get federal jobseekers past the “gatekeepers” by viewing their application through the lens of federal HR and merit hiring principles. She is well versed in veterans’ and other hiring preferences and eligibilities available to federal applicants.Whether trying to secure a first government job, reach the next GS level, or transition from the military, Nancy’s award-winning federal resume writing and candid, practical coaching on the application and interview process garners client results, repeat business, and referrals. She is a Certified Federal Resume Writer, Certified Federal Job Search Trainer, Certified Employment Interview Consultant, and Myers Briggs certified. Nancy earned a master’s degree in human resources and a second master’s in public administration. Nancy was nominated for a Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) award for Best Military Transition Resume. Her resumes have been published in The Book of US Government Jobs, 11th Edition, Ten Steps to a Federal Job, and Writing Your High School Resume. Nancy is the co-author of the ground-breaking book Writing Your NSPS Self Assessment (first and second editions) and has written multiple articles on Federal resume and career related topics.Website:

Expert #20

Robert Shindell, Ph.D.

The Importance of Securing a Professional Internship

  • Learn why internships are such a big deal.
  • Discover what employers look for when hiring an intern.
  • Understand the benefits that a student gains from participating in an internship.
Dr. Robert Shindell serves as Vice President & Chief Learning Officer for Intern Bridge, Inc., the nation’s premier college recruiting consulting and research firm. Intern Bridge surveys over 25,000 students annually to capture trends of internship and recruiting experiences. The critical survey data is the basis for our work: helping organizations build meaningful entry-level talent programs, and assisting career centers to more effectively serve their student populations.During the past 15 years, Robert Shindell has successfully held a variety of professional leadership roles in higher education. He developed career centers at The University of Toledo’s College of Engineering, Midwestern State University and the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University. Robert’s innovative approach to career services led The Rawls College of Business Career Management Center to achieve the ranking of 28 in BusinessWeek’s national ranking of College of Business career centers in 2007.While at Texas Tech University, Robert Shindell was appointed to the role of associate vice president of enrollment services. He led the restructuring and refocusing of the university’s recruiting and admissions initiatives, resulting in a 20 percent increase in applications, 10 percent decrease in the admission rate and the largest freshman and transfer classes in the university’s history.

Robert earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Texas Tech University a master’s degree in training and development from Midwestern State University, and a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Toledo.

Robert is a frequent speaker at education and career management conferences, and he resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and son.

Expert #21

Kerry Hannon

Great Jobs for Everyone 50+

  • Discover and the biggest challenges for someone trying to find a job when they are over 50.
  • Explore strategies for starting a second career.
  • Prepare for ways to combat ageism.
Kerry Hannon is a bestselling author and Washington, DC-based career, retirement and personal finance expert.Kerry’s latest book is the national bestseller Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Healthy … And Pays the Bills (John Wiley & Sons, 2012).

Kerry has spent more than 25 years covering all aspects of personal finance for the nation’s leading media companies, including Forbes, Money, U.S. News & World Report and USA Today. She is a nationally recognized authority on boomer career transitions and retirement.

She is AARP’s Jobs Expert and is the Great Jobs columnist for

Kerry is a contributing editor at Forbes Magazine and the Second Verse columnist for and is recognized as the Forbes’ bard of career transitions and “working” retirement issues.

She is the PBS web site expert on career and personal finance for boomer women and writes a weekly column.

She is a Metlife Foundation and New America Media Fellow on Aging.

She is the award-winning author of What’s Next? Follow Your Passion and Find Your Dream Job (Chronicle Books, 2010).

Kerry is also the author of Getting Started In Estate Planning (John Wiley & Sons), Suddenly Single: Money Skills for Divorcees and Widows (John Wiley & Sons), Ten Minute Guide to Retirement for Women (MacMillan Publishing), and You and Your Money: A Passage from Debt to Prosperity (Credit Education Group) and Trees in a Circle: The Teec Nos Pos Story.

Kerry contributes regularly to The New York Times, USA Today, Money magazine, The Wall Street Journal and other national print and online publications.

She has previously served as a staff reporter and personal finance columnist for USA Today and as a staff writer and editor for U.S. News & World Report, Money, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and Forbes.

She has appeared as a financial expert on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. ABC News, CBS, Fox, CNBC, CNN, and PBS and has been a guest on numerous radio programs, including National Public Radio’s “Talk of The Nation” and “Making a Living” on SIRIUS XM radio show.

Hannon graduated from Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh Pa and received a Bachelor of Art’s degree from Duke University. She is currently a member of an editorial board at Duke.

Follow Kerry on Twitter @KerryHannon and visit her website,

Expert #22

Grant Cooper

Entrepreneurship: Creating a Business Plan

  • Discuss one of the most crucial first steps to successful entrepreneurship—creating a business plan.
  • Learn what to include in business plan sections to garner the right attention.
  • Discover the best ways to do research and find information needed to get started.

Grant Cooper, founder and president of Strategic Resumes & Business Plans, has authored successful business plans that resulted in private investor, bank, and SBA funding for launches in Social Media, Oil & Gas, Retail, Transportation, Food & Beverage, Education, Home Improvement, Commercial Real Estate, Financial Services, Healthcare, Fitness, Film, and Organic Agriculture. Mr. Cooper wrote a non-profit business plan that was funded by Brad Pitt for a half-million dollars. Project funding targets range from $100,000 to $7 million. He writes a weekly column (New Orleans Job Guru) for Gambit Magazine, New Orleans’ #1 weekly news publication, and has authored many articles for American Express Business Knowledge Share website.

Mr. Cooper has been featured as a Top National Resume & Career Expert in Martin Yate’s book, “Knock em Dead, Secrets & Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World.” Mr. Yate, author of the all-time #1 bestselling resume book series stated, “We live in an uncertain world where the knowledge and wisdom required to survive and prosper is almost non-existent. In my opinion, Grant is one of the few who really get it. In 25 years, Grant Cooper is one of less than 60 people I have quoted in my entire body of work.” In addition to his credentials as a Certified Advanced Résumé Writer, Mr. Cooper has conducted Business Plan Writing seminars at national conferences, including Career Directors International.

For more information on Grant please visit his website at

Expert #23

Laura DeCarlo

New Trends In Resume Writing

  • Discover unique resume elements, styles, and formats that can ensure that your résumé stands out amongst the competition.
  • Learn why a well-crafted résumé is still an important marketing tool for your job search.
  • Clearly understand what is needed and expected on a modern day résumé.
Laura DeCarlo is known, as the “Career Hero” for her pioneering efforts in the career services industry for both job seekers and career professionals.She is the founder of the global professional association Career Directors International. She has earned two degrees and 11 industry certifications and has received the industry’s most prestigious awards in résumé writing, career coaching, and job placement. Laura has authored three books and numerous industry courses in résumé writing, job search, interviewing, and Web portfolio development. She has been featured in numerous résumé compendiums, has acted as résumé expert for 54 national professional associations, and has received national publicity. Log on to

Expert #24

Lisa Rangel

How to do Research to Find the Job You Want

  • Uncover the truth about the effectiveness of trolling the job boards.
  • Learn the 2 major components for a successful job search.
  • Compare the job search process to a sales process and learn how to better sell yourself.
Lisa Rangel is the Managing Director of Chameleon Resumes, recently named one of Top 100 Career Websites. Lisa is a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Moderator for LinkedIn’s Premium Job Seeker Group, a former search firm recruiter, and holder of six additional job search certifications. As a former recruiting manager for over 13 years, Lisa knows first-hand what resumes receive a response and land interviews from reviewing thousands of resumes to identify talent for premier organizations. She has been featured on, LinkedIn, Monster, US News & World Report, Fox Business News and Good Morning America. She is an author of five ebooks, contributor to two career books and the Career Services Partner for eCornell. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell University.

Expert #25

Christine Brown-Quinn

Climbing the Corporate Ladder
(Growing in your Current Organization)

  • Examine the obstacles and challenges that may prevent you from climbing the corporate ladder.
  • Receive valuable career advice with useful strategies to take charge and propel your career forward.
  • Learn how to market yourself to your own organization and be recognized as a high-potential employee.
Following 20+ years in International Finance, Christine Brown-Quinn, together with her business partner Jacqueline Frost, launched ‘Women in Business Superseries’ in order to create a platform to share their strategies for getting ahead in demanding corporate environments. As a former Managing Director in Fixed Income, Christine is well versed in what it takes to forge a thriving career in highly pressurized, alpha environments. Through the Series, aspiring professional women discover the practical, hands-on strategies to fast track their careers – these are business strategies, albeit through a “female lens”.In addition to her role as Managing Director at WiB Superseries, Christine is an accomplished international speaker and commentator on a range of issues relevant to the success of female professionals through blogs, articles, radio & tv shows (eg BBC Sunday Live, BBC Big Questions, Financial Times, London Evening Standard, Women in Banking & Finance Magazine, The Glass Hammer, Association of Women Solicitors’ Link magazine, Computer Weekly, WDRC 1360 AM, and many others).

Christine is also a published author on work-life balance for professional women. Step Aside Super Woman is resonating with professional women across a wide range of age groups, sectors as well as continents. In the words of one reviewer, Christine Lawrence, Former President, Women in Banking and Finance, “For over 30 years key organisations such as Women in Banking & Finance have heard from many women who are faced with the dilemma of achieving Work Life Balance, while trying to progress their career and have a family. It is refreshing to read “Step Aside Super Women” that tackles a subject that is addressed on all levels, therefore, academically, intellectually, strategically and on a personal level. Christine, together with her business partner Jacqueline, have also co-authored the chapter “How to Self Promote Without Losing Self-Respect in 101 Ways to compete in Today’s Job Market.

Christine has an undergraduate degree in Foreign Languages from Georgetown University (Cum Laude) and an MBA in International Business from George Washington University (Beta Gamma Sigma scholar). She has also tutored for Georgetown University’s Graduate Program in International Management at Oxford University on managing diversity in the workplace.

To receive your complimentary copy of the Women in Business Superseries’ Career Checklist, log onto

Expert #26

Marshall Brown

Developing an Effective Network

  • Why is networking so critical?
  • The most important Do’s and Don’ts for effective networking.
  • How to develop and perfect your 30 second pitch/commercial.
Marshall Brown is a career and executive coach with a passion for encouraging individuals and organizations to reach exceptional levels of performance. He is founder and CEO of Marshall Brown & Associates, an international coaching, training, and leadership development company. His mantra is simple: “Get clear, get focused, get ahead.” As a personal brand strategist, Marshall is committed to helping people identify their unique promise of value. He encourages people to discover and use their true talents and passions in life to achieve their goals and stand apart from their competition. Additional information can be found at

Expert #27

David Kaplan

Staying Motivated and Avoiding Depression During Times of Unemployment

  • How to stay motivated in Your job search.
  • Emotional challenges that you face during the job search and how to overcome them.
  • Resources to get help when facing long term unemployment.
David M. Kaplan, PhD, is a Past President of the American Counseling Association and its current Chief Professional Officer. He is also a Past President of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, the New York Counseling Association, and the New York Association of Marriage and Family Counselors. He is a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and a National Certified Career Counselor (NCCC).David’s experience includes eighteen years of practice in private practice and college counseling settings as well as twenty-five years of experience as a counselor educator. Please note that David is not quite as old as the above numbers would indicate as there was significant overlap in activities.

Dr. Kaplan’s publications include one book, eight book chapters and thirty-eight journal articles. He has conducted over 250 professional presentations on such topics as professional issues in counseling, counseling ethics, family counseling, and counseling association management.

David has been recognized with honors from the American Counseling Association (Fellow), the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (Distinguished Service Award), the Association for Adult Development and Aging (Presidential Award for Mentorship), the Virginia Counselors Association (Outstanding Leadership and Service Award), New York Counseling Association (Distinguished Legislative Service Award), the Arizona Counselors Association (Phoenix Award), Argosy University (Excellence in Research Award) and is listed in Who’s Who in America.

Expert #28

Wendy Lipton-Dibner

The #1 Formula to Win in a Difficult Job Market

Discover the internationally acclaimed Action FormulaTM – used by experts, executives and entrepreneurs worldwide to make a greater impact and increase revenues (some by 200% in less than 30 days!). In this interview, you’ll get actionable, how-to tips so you can:

  • Move people to hire you, promote you and listen to your ideas for improvement.
  • Move yourself to action so you can create the success you truly want (and deserve!)
  • Make a greater impact on every life you touch!

WENDY LIPTON-DIBNER, MA is a 3-time bestselling author and internationally recognized
authority in the social-psychological factors that move people to action. President of Professional Impact,
Inc. and founder of the Move People To Action System for Experts, Executives and EntrepreneursTM,
Wendy’s built 10 successful businesses serving every industry from healthcare to hair care in some of the
worst economic climates of the past 100 years.

A highly respected keynote speaker, Wendy has addressed the U.S. Senate and delivered thousands of
speaking and training programs for healthcare, Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations as well as
entrepreneurial audiences worldwide. She serves as a trusted advisor and masters-level speaking coach
for doctors, executive leaders and top influencers, often helping them increase revenues by at least 200%

in fewer than 30 days. Wendy has helped millions of people get what they truly want through her
bestselling books, multi-day seminars, online training, media appearances and speaking engagements.
When Wendy speaks, people change…and that means impact – for your business and your life.
She’s here today to reveal for you the proven formula to move people to action so they do what you want

them to do!

Expert #29

Donald Burns

Why Cover Letters Are Dead

  • Answer the question, “Are cover letters REALLY dead?”
  • Learn the differences between traditional cover letters, e-notes, e-mail cover letters and other job search correspondences, and learn what tools are appropriate to use in a given situation.
  • Explore strategies for creating a cover letter that will receive positive attention and results.
Since 2007, Donald Burns has repackaged over 1000 executives – including some very high-profile business leaders you’ve probably seen on TV or in the Wall Street Journal. As the “poster child for job-changers,” he understands firsthand the dreams – and worst nightmares – of people making career transitions.He won several national awards for resume and social media writing. In 2012 he won the first place Tori Award for a uniquely effective cover letter.

In 1969 – right after HS – he joined the Army. After Army service he earned BE and MS degrees in electrical engineering, joined Motorola – designed video scramblers for satellite-TV – and eventually transitioned into sales and sales management.

In 1991 he transitioned from sales management to a writing career. Burns graduated from Columbia’s Journalism School and launched his copywriting career in trade publications and marketing communications. In 2006 he added” Executive Publicity” to his marketing business, and has since morphed into a fulltime executive career coach.

“I’ve enjoyed each of my 5 careers and don’t regret a single choice,” he says. “But I do regret having wasted so much time while making each transition. I figured out everything by myself – trial and error – but my clients need not do that. They tell me where they want to go, and I find the surest shortcuts to get them there!”

Expert #30

Regina Barr

The Art of Self Promotion

  • Define self-promotion and explain its importance.
  • Explore the reasons why people have trouble self-promoting and learn how to combat this obstacle.
  • Eliminate fear of self-promotion and learn effective and successful strategies to implement a plan.
Regina Barr is a former financial services marketing executive, and Founder/ CEO of Red Ladder, Inc. and the Women at the Top™ Network. Regina brings over two decades of corporate experience to her consulting, coaching and speaking practice where she helps women scale the barriers – both internal and external – that prevent them from achieving the career success they deserve.A nationally recognized authority on women and leadership, she is frequently quoted in local and national publications. Regina’s Women at the Top® blog was recognized as one of 25 career and business women blogs to read by Blog Her.

For more information on Regina Barr, please visit

Expert #31

Loretta Peters
Networking (On and Off line)

  • Learn how to best organize your network.
  • Explore how to develop a networking strategy.
  • Discover the various tools that are needed for effective networking.
Loretta Peters, is Brand Strategist and Founder of Enterprising Careers, LLC, and CEO of Competitive Edge Branding. She leads personal branding workshops and seminars that include developing and managing your brand through social media, search results, and reputation management needed for today’s employee management, self marketing and advertising. She also facilitates monthly senior leadership round tables for ExecuNet and works with business owners and executives in transition.With a consultative background in sales and marketing for the enterprise and private sector, Loretta has built 4 markets from zero into multi-million dollar markets through the power of networking and leveraging relationships. Loretta graduated with a BA in Business Administration and completed 6 certifications in personal branding, online identity management, LinkedIn, social media, and executive resume writing. She is a sought-after business advisor for her knowledge in online branding, job search tools, preparation, and boosting online visibility with stand-out marketing for individuals seeking to be found by employers and clients.

Expert #32

Tamra Nashman

Shares the REAL Secrets to the Hiring Process for all College Grads

  • Discuss USP- what is it and why do college students need it?
  • Understand your gifts/talents and how to articulate these effectively.
  • Evaluate non-Verbal Communication- what you should and shouldn’t do in an interview.
Tamra Nashman holds a Master’s degree and is a University-level educator. She has 25 years as a broadcast media and print talent and has worked for some of the biggest companies in the world. Tamra has spent several years successfully speaking and teaching students and various groups across the country how to put their best foot forward and get the job of their dreams! Having nearly 300 inter­views with some of the biggest global companies, no one is more knowledgeable at preparing students for the interview process, and to dress for success!