National Career Summit Silver

National Career Summit
Silver Package

The Silver Package includes 5 audios from our Career and Job Experts, plus a print copy of the 101 Great Ways to Compete In Today’s Job Market book.


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Expert #1

Michelle Riklan
Resume Writing 101

  • Debunk the myths and misconceptions of what a resume “should be”.
  • Understand the 5 basic strategies used to develop a compelling resume.
  • Learn how a resume is truly a marketing tool, and how to create one that will sell you to a potential employer.


Expert #2

Peggy McKee
Interview Skills 101

  • Learn 12 Ways to Research Your Potential Employer before the Interview.
  • How to Answer the 7 Most Typical Interview Questions.
  • What are the top 12 Great Questions Candidates should ask.


Expert #3

Mary Elizabeth Bradford
Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

  • Define the hidden job market.
  • Understand why job seekers should reach out to companies even if they don’t have an open job posted.
  • Identify and implement strategies for tapping the hidden job market.


Expert #4

Viveka von Rosen
Getting Yourself in Front of the Right People with LinkedIn

  • Learn the secret to successful prospecting on LinkedIn.
  • Explore strategies and techniques for positioning yourself in front of prospects.
  • Develop ways to best engage with prospects on LinkedIN.


Expert #5

Elisabeth Sanders-Park
and Removing
Obstacles in your Job Search

  • Evaluate the biggest obstacles job seekers and career changers face today, and strategies to combat them.
  • Learn how you can discover what may be “screening you out” from a job offer.
  • Develop “side door” techniques for shortening the job search process.