Professional Resume Tips: Your Resume, Redone

If you’re ready to get serious about your career, the first thing you will have to do is give your resume a good once, twice, or thrice over! The reality is your resume is your career calling card. Along with networking, good references, experience, a strong LinkedIn profile and connections, your resume is what gets your foot in the door at a place of employment.

Even the best creative writers aren’t sure how to write a resume, and this is where a certified resume writer comes in handy. A certified resume writer won’t simply edit your resume or offer suggestions but will instead:

  • Facilitate a comprehensive intake strategy, review your career history, and extract the most important information needed to communicate your value.
  • Rewrite your resume using the latest industry standards and best practices regarding resume writing and resume writing tips.
  • Help maximize your resume so that it suits your job search.

In truth, hiring a resume writer is your best bet to creating a superb, “hire-me-now” resume, but if you’re looking to do the job yourself, these professional resume tips will get you started when you’re wondering how to write a resume the correct way!

8 Resume Writing Tips

Some of these tips may sound like common sense, but you would be surprised at how often these “common” errors occur. How to write a resume that rocks truly takes patience and many edits, as well as a professional opinion to make sure you stand out in a crowded job market.

#1 Grammatical Mistakes: NO

Sure, spell check works just fine, but have at least two other professional contacts review your resume for errors. Word doesn’t recognize word misusage!

#2 Highlight Accomplishments:

It’s easy to list a barrage of job duties, but it takes more finesse to quantify your accomplishments. Use statistics and measurable quantifiers to demonstrate how your expertise has assisted companies and produced results!

#3 Don’t Ramble:

Remember, recruiters and employers have short-attention spans! Plus, you should really focus on the duties that relate to the specific job you’re applying to on your resume.

#4 Action Verbs:

Don’t forget your action verbs! Examples:

  • Resolved
  • Achieved
  • Bolstered
  • Spearheaded

#5 Keep it Clean:

Your resume should look crisp. Keep the resume in a clean format.

#6 Cater Your Resume to the Industry You’re Applying to:

Enough said! You can also use your college alumni career services department to provide you sample resumes for your industry.

#7 Make Sure Information is Exact:

Did you move? Change your number? Make sure the information on your resume is up-to-date!

#8 Value Proposition Statement, Not Objective:

Replace the objective with a value proposition statement that communicates who you are, the value you offer, and why an employer needs you!

The bottom line is this: a certified resume writer will get you the resume you need to land interviews in the shortest amount of time. Tailoring your own resume can lead to missed job opportunities and a lot disappointment. A certified resume writer may be the best investment for your future career.