Get Off Your “Buts”

According to a recent survey by, entry-level jobs have increased by 22 percent from last year. That’s the highest percentage in 3 years. So, if you are a recent college graduate and have given up on finding that entry-level job, it is time to get off your “buts.”

  • But, there are no jobs.
  • But, I’ve sent my resume out EVERYWHERE.
  • But, I can’t afford to live on my own.

To start, there are jobs. They may not be the “dream” job or the highest paying. Entry-level means just that. You will not be Vice President of Marketing until you have paid your dues. Get into a company that interests you and work your way up. Or, get into a job where you can make the right connections. At ANY level, it is much easier to find a job when you have a job.

If you are saying you have sent your resume out EVERYWHERE, then you do not have an understanding of how today’s job search works. Only approximately 10% of available jobs are advertised. That leaves 90% of available jobs that require a different approach than scouring the job boards. Today’s search is not only about finding a job, but putting yourself out there to be found. You need a strategic plan for both.

Lastly, a person is much more motivated to secure an income when they are responsible and accountable. If you have bills to pay, you will be motivated to pay them. Find a roommate or two, get out on your own and take responsibility for your rent, phone, electric, and cable bills. Responsibility is a great motivator!