Stop Listening to Bad Career Advice (And What You Should Do Instead)

Have you ever considered asking friends for career advice? Unless they’re way ahead of you in their chosen profession, it might be best to reconsider. Bad advice, even from the most well-meaning sources, abound. Some so-called experts dish advice they have never put to use themselves—all theory, no proof. Even more astonishing—and disappointing—is the advice women give to other women….

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Is Your Boss Endangering Your Career Advancement?

There are good bosses and bad bosses, but sometimes you’re not so lucky. Your boss is a key figure in your career advancement so, like it or not, he or she will play a major role in your life. What happens if your boss is far from ideal? How do you deal with him or her? The Five “Bad” Bosses…

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How to Tailor Your Resume for Different Jobs Quickly

Fashion stylists often claim that you’ll only get the best fit if you have your clothes tailored. This applies to resumes too, but many applicants aren’t sure what tailoring their resume involves. What should they change? What part of their resume should they focus on? It just sounds like a lot of work. To avoid all that confusion, I’ll show…

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What Not to Include in Your Resume

You can add one page to your resume for every 10 years of your career, according to Google’s Head of HR. Of course, that’s not necessarily in your best interest. Many people with less than 10 years of experience have two-page resumes. However, not all applicants know what’s worth including in their resume, so some end up with a resume longer…

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What You Need to Know Before Signing a Non-Compete Agreement

You just received a job offer with good pay and benefits. But there’s a catch: the employer wants you to sign a non-compete agreement (NCA) as part of your employment contract. Should you sign it? Can you negotiate it? Many job applicants don’t understand what a non-compete actually entails and how it can affect their career. What are Non-Compete Agreements?…

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How to Add Pizzazz to Your Resume Summary

Your resume needs a hard-hitting summary if you want recruiters to keep reading it. A great summary includes a combination of your skills and notable achievements, which sounds simple in theory until you actually sit down to write it. In this article, I’m going to show you how to add some spice to your summary statement so you can wow…

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Questions You Shouldn’t Ask at the End of an Interview

Almost every interviewer will ask if you have any questions towards the end of your job interview. Like it or not, the questions you ask matter just as much as your answers before the tables turned. Each question you ask reflects on your interest in the position you applied for, knowledge of the company, and attitude. The good questions are…

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Truth about Resume Myths Revealed

Writing a resume that gets you an interview is hard enough as it is. The resume myths I keep hearing about make this process harder and confusing especially for clueless job seekers who rarely write a resume. This article reveals some of the resume myths I keep hearing about, so you can stop worrying about them and get on with…

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2018 Career Goals

New Year’s Resolutions to Skyrocket Your Career in 2018

Writing a New Year’s Resolution is easy, especially if you’re not happy at work. Your resolution could be to get a new job, get a raise, or make it through a week without complaining about your boss. You have plenty of ideas about the things you want to improve. Setting a resolution isn’t so easy and straightforward when things are…

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How to Balance Your Work and Social Life during the Holidays

Thanksgiving is over but we have another set of social gatherings to attend. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or just join in for the parties, there’s no denying that all the shopping and events you’re invited to can derail your schedule. This month is one of the most overwhelming times of the year, when people are expected to juggle between…

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8 Ways to Tap the Hidden Job Market besides Using Social Media

Thousands of jobs are filled without ever being advertised. A small business owner might tell his team a new position has opened, and that they are welcome to submit the resume of anyone they think is qualified. The same thing happens in big corporations. What I described above is what’s traditionally referred to as hidden jobs. Applicants usually look for…

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How to Create a Career Back-up Plan

Your career is okay, then without a warning, the economy goes down or the once-stable company that you work for is facing bankruptcy. Before you realize it, you’re ordered to start packing because it’s your last day of employment. Sudden unemployment will force you to deal with the challenges that come with losing a job. Dozens of questions and worries…

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Spend the Long Weekend after Thanksgiving Improving Your Career

This year, Thanksgiving will fall on November 23, only two weeks away. In some states though, the day after Thanksgiving is also a celebrated holiday, which leads to a much anticipated long weekend. You’re probably excited to relax and get together with your loved ones. In between family dinners and shopping, why not spend a part of the coming long…

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Scary Job Interview Questions

Halloween season is just a few weeks away. Once again, the kids and the kids-at-heart get a free pass to dress as they want and indulge in enough candy to induce a sugar coma. In light of the coming Halloween, I invite you to consider a facet of job search that probably scares you—job interviews. To be specific, the unnerving…

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Things to Consider before Relocating for a New Job

Moving is stressful, even if it’s for a new job. Just imagine, you need to find a new place, get a new driver’s license, find new utility providers, and deal with the hassle and mess of packing and unpacking your stuff. Is all that trouble worth it? If the new paycheck is your only consideration, you might regret the move…

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Michelle Riklan’s Resume Article Featured in the Business Insider

Where do you draw the line between creative embellishment and flat-out lying on a resume? Read Michelle Riklan’s article, Resumes: Does It Have to Be Truthful or Is There Creative Leeway? featured in the Business Insider (original article, The 4 Most Common Lies People Tell On Their Resumes, CareerMeh) to learn the top 4 ways we stretch the truth on our…

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Success Stories of Veterans and Reservists Transitioning to Corporate Work

After years of deployment, rigid schedules and working within the military’s structure, the difference in environment and job description between civilian and military work can be overwhelming. Despite the uncertainty it brings, many veterans look forward to working in the corporate world, because this will allow them to spend more time with their friends and family. Question is, what are…

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Stay at Home Moms: How to Hide the Glaring Employment Gap in Your Resume

As a stay-at-home mom, updating your resume is perhaps the most overwhelming task you’ll need to do after deciding to rejoin the workforce. I know it’s a bit overwhelming and ironic to some extent, considering you’ve done well raising your kids – updating your resume should be a piece of cake, right? It’s trickier than it seems. Sure, it’s easy…

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Spring Cleaning Your LinkedIn and Online Profiles

The weather is warming up…it’s not too warm and it’s not too cold either. Flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are starting to wake up from their winter slumber. You know what this means, right? It’s time to clean up—the backyard, your closet of last season’s clothes, and your online profiles. Your LinkedIn and social media profiles. Spring…

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Michelle Riklan Named One of the Top 25 Women to Follow on Twitter for Job Search

Thank you CEOWORLD Magazine! I had no idea I had been named… and I am in such good company! Meghan M. Biro, a talent strategist, practitioner, speaker and author who operates as CEO of TalentCulture Consulting Group. You can find Meghan M. Biro on Twitter: @MeghanMBiro. Alison Doyle, a job search and employment expert with years of experience in human…

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How to Get a Job at Google

Google, famous for its sleek, modern office and out of this world employee benefits, receives about 2 to 3 million applications each year. Yes, each year! And that doesn’t include applications received through referrals and career fairs. Obviously, the competition is tough. The interviews and the selection process is even tougher, Google is popular for its rigorous interview process so…

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Luck Ain’t Gonna Be Enough

How often have you heard a friend gush at someone else’s extraordinary luck? “Wow! He must be really lucky to get that job!” Admittedly, the competition for high-paying jobs in big name companies is fierce, there could be 100+ applicants fighting for one vacancy.  So from an outside perspective, it may seem that whoever receives the job offer must be…

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How to Get an Employer to Fall in Love with You Before You Even Meet–No Gifts or Cheesy Gestures Required

How do you put a love spell on someone you’ve never even met? Even harder, how do you make an employer, who has seen hundreds of resumes and interviewed a dozen candidates, fall in love with you before he sees you? Can you put a magic potion in his drink? Send him his favorite coffee and pastry combo every morning?…

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Looking for the Perfect Match

February is the love month, a time of roses, chocolates, dates and romantic getaways – at least for couples. For many single men and women, however, it’s the time of year when they feel most lonely and in some cases, it’s also the time when they’re most actively seeking for the one. This pursuit for the one is similar to…

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New Year, New Career Path?

New Year’s resolutions are often forgotten after the first week of the year. It doesn’t matter if the resolution is to lose weight, get a better job or save for retirement – many people forget these resolutions once they come back to their regular routines after the holiday. If your New Year’s resolution is to get a better job, or…

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It’s Too Early to Give Up!

Have you given up or are you on track with your New Year’s resolutions? According to a survey published on Scranton University’s Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 45% of Americans usually write resolutions and, out of this population, only 8% achieve what they’ve set out to do. I know the numbers are quite depressing, but there’s no reason you can’t…

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What to Expect in a Holiday Job Hunt

Do you plan on waiting until the holidays are over to continue your job search? That kind of thinking might cost you a job offer. Don’t stop sending job applications just because of the holidays. Businesses don’t come to a grinding halt during holidays, right? Companies don’t stop hiring just because majority of the year’s holidays are bunched up together…

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Shopping for a New Job

Ah, to be a kid again, to feel excited as the holiday season approaches so you can finally open your presents. The holidays might not be as fun for adults because of all the shopping and holiday preparation, but there’s an upside to the increased consumerism this season brings. Shopping for holiday gifts is similar to shopping for your next…

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How to Search for a Job Without Alerting Your Boss (or Getting on Your Boss’s Bad Side)

It’s normal to want another job while you’re already employed; maybe you’re looking for new challenges, a better compensation package, a promotion, or maybe you just don’t like your current boss. Whatever it is, one thing remains constant–your current employer must not find out that you’re looking for another job.  The Consequences Could be Severe Your current employer is almost…

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Job Hunting Tips for the Fifty-something Applicants

When companies downsize or merge, older employees often get laid off first.  Many companies won’t hesitate to get someone younger to take over the position held by a senior professional because of money issues. According to the AARP, workers aged 55 and over have an average length of 54.2 weeks of unemployment. This is higher than the 35.9 unemployed weeks of other…

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September is International Update Your Resume Month! Have You Updated Yours?

Career Directors International (CDI) has declared September as International Update Your Resume Month to emphasize the importance of having an updated resume ready. Personally, I couldn’t agree more. September marks the start of another phase. Fall is just around the corner and the kids are back to school, and that gives us more time to focus on our career or job-hunting efforts….

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Now is the Best Time to Prepare for Your Job Search

How long does it take to get a new job? A week or two, maybe? This thinking is the reason why so many job applicants don’t start preparing for the job search long before they actually need to. The usual job search – from finding job ads and sending a resume, up to the job offer – can take 90…

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Keeping it Clean on Facebook

Summer is almost over. Did you have a good time at the beach, partying with friends ‘til kingdom come? Great! It’s always good to relax and have fun during summer. Now to serious matters; how many of those party-like-a-rock star pictures did you post on Facebook? Those pictures might be a good way to boost your online popularity among friends,…

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Are College Graduates Prepared for the Workforce?

“66%. That’s the percentage of hiring managers who say they don’t believe that new college graduates are prepared for the workforce.” This did not surprise me. Jamie Eckle’s article in “Career Watch: Hiring landscape dims for this year’s grads,” really hit home as I drove through Dunkin Donuts the other day. Part-time, seasonal jobs are often filled with college students…

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Interviewing is Like a Box of Chocolates

I always coach my clients to expect the unexpected. As Forrest Gump would say, “Interviewing is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” Will the interviewer be experienced and trained, or straight out of school? Do they know how to conduct an effective and lawful interview? (Many do not!) I’ve heard Hiring Managers ask…

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LinkedIn Can Be Great for Recruiting

In response to the article, “LinkedIn Good But Not Great for Recruiting,” by B2C author Ian Tomlin, I have to say that I think LinkedIn most certainly can be GREAT for recruiting! With more than 200 million professionals utilizing LinkedIn, employers have a centralized place to find a significant amount of qualified candidates (both active and passive). LinkedIn allows employers…

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Is Texting Your Boss Professional?

I found this Wall Street Journal article by Lauren Weber, “Text From the Boss: U R Fired,” interesting on many levels. While I agree that firing via text message is hardly a trend, it does beg the question of how today’s new technologies may contribute to individuals compromising on professionalism. Is texting your boss professional? How about texting a person…

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Engaging Facebook Fans

Below are 4 tips for using Facebook to effectively engage your fans. Scheduling – Create a regular schedule of when you will update. Whether it is once a week or twice, try to stay consistent with when you update, you can even let members know that they should look at Facebook on certain days for the latest happenings. Statistically, it…

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Personalize your LinkedIn Profile URL

When you customize your LinkedIn URL, you are enhancing the address, and making it easier for people to find and recognize you. Your new URL will be useful to add as a link to your resume or to put on a networking card. When you originally set up your profile, you were given a default URL. For example, mine may…

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The State of Employment: Spring 2013

Consumer spending is down, the economy growing and employment remains about the same. What does that mean to jobs? Read more in Lorraine Woellert’s latest Bloomberg article, “Employment Probably Grew at Steady Pace: U.S. Eco Preview.”

Why Don’t You Get a New Job?

Here are the top reasons employees stay in their unhappy jobs, according to US News contributor Alison Green in her article, “5 Lame Excuses Preventing You from Finding a New Job.”

How New Grads Can Put Experience on Their Resumes

We all start at the bottom, so how does a new graduate gain the experience employers are looking for? Get the answers in this informative article “When an Employer Requires Experience and You Have None” by Forbes author, Jacquelyn Smith.

Change How You Connect on LinkedIn & Increase Your LinkedIn Connections

According to Alexis Grant of Mashable, this one thing can increase your LinkedIn connections more than any other: making it personal. Check out her article, “This Simple Action Will Dramatically Grow Your LinkedIn Network.”

More Job Search DONT’S

Not all job search strategies are good ones. Here are a few stinkers from Roger Wright of the Huffington Post: “Bad Job Search Tips.”

Job Search Has Always Required Persistence

There are hundreds, if not thousands of qualified job seekers vying for that same position. USA Today’s “At Work” author, Andrea Kay, talks about the need to be tenacious in the job market in her article, “At Work: Nothing Magical About Persistence in Job Hunt.”

Looking for a Summer Job?

Check out these 8 tips on how to land the perfect summer job in author Allison Miles’ article, “Tips for Landing that Perfect Summer Job.”

Is it Okay to Ask for Help at Your Job?

You got the job and want to show them you can do it on your own – but now you see you’re going to  need a little help. Read about 6 ways to go about it and keep your dignity in Jenny Treanor’s LiveCareer article, “Ask for Help on the Job (Without Feeling Weak).”

Why The Job Search Tips You’ve Been Getting Just Aren’t Working

Getting job search advice from friends, forums and other personal networks can only help your job search right? Find out if you’ve been buying into the “Top 6 Incomplete Job Search Tips” by Huffington Post contributor Roger Wright.

Changing Careers: Durham Bull Media Director’s Successful 5 Point Strategy

Business 2 Community author AnnMarie McIlwain shares what worked for Matt DeMargel in her article, “A Job Search Homerun.”

How 2013 Grads Measure Up as Job Seekers

Your college degree is your greatest asset out of the gate, so aim high. Find out what else employers are looking for in the Class of 2013 from Jada A. Graves of U.S. News & World Report in her article, “Class of 2013 Job Seekers: Buy, Sell or Hold?“

Could Twitter Be More Efficient than Your Resume?

Much like LinkedIn groups can aid in your job search, following and engaging via Twitter with potential employers can be the boost your hunt is looking for. Read more in Patrica Rivera of CTW Features article, “Why Twitter is Sometimes More Powerful than Resumes.”

How to Write a Resume that Works in Every Part of the World

Business Harvard Review writer Tom O’Neil admits that although all markets have certain nuances, the central purpose of your resume should remain the same, regardless of your audience. See what points are most important to focus on in his article, “Write a Resume that Travels Across Countries and Cultures.”

Social Networking and Job Search: Are You Doing it Right?

“…it is not possible for professionals to ‘like,’ ‘tweet’ or ‘second degree connect’ their way into finding an excellent career opportunity for themselves.” So how do you do it? Check out this short but sweet article from Global Jobs Network, “Top Social Networking Tips in Job Search.”

College Grads Need More LinkedIn Experience

46% of college graduates have never used LinkedIn – that’s a staggering number, considering the way that social media tide is turning when it comes to job search. Read “LinkedIn Misses Target Audience, Majority Use Facebook More” by Review author Matthew Butler.

Can You Use LinkedIn Groups to Get a Job?

LinkedIn groups are a great way to learn and share, but can you utilize them in job search too? Find out in “6 Foolproof Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups to Land Your Next Job” by Arnie Fertig of US News Money.

10 Great Job Search Tips for the New Grad in 2013

Graduating this year and feel like you’re not doing enough to secure your job prospects? Check out this helpful list from Alison Green of US News Money: “10 Key Job Search Tips For New Graduates.”

Interview Preparation: 3 Great Sources for Company Info

Knowing the background information of the hiring company is key to a successful interview. Find out “How to Gather Interview Intel With Social Media” in this smart article by Aaron Guerrero of US News.

Top Ten College Majors for 2013

Your major does matter. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the average starting salary for the graduating class of 2013 increased 5.3% from 2012. Find out the top paying majors for 2013 in “And The Highest-Paid College Majors Are…” by Lauren Weber of The Wall Street Journal.

New College Grad? Here Are Some Places to Start Job Hunting

Here’s a short list of job search advice sites recent college grads can utilize to find their first job in Chuck Meyers’ article, “On the Money: Finding That First Job After College.”

How to Help Friends Who Are Job Hunting

Feeling helpless when it comes to friends and family members who are looking for a job? Here are some real, tangible ways you can support them in this Huffington Post article by Randy Hain, “Career Transition and ‘Jerry Maguire Moments’.”

6 Tips for Curbing Those Interview Jitters

It’s important to keep your nerves out of it when face-to-face with the gatekeeper or hiring manager. Find out how to relieve some of that tension and sail through the interview in this article by’s Alison Doyle, “How to Avoid Interview Stress.”

Is Your Military Resume the Best Tool to Get an Interview?

Read Rick Corcodilos’ job search strategy for military personnel entering the everyday workforce in this special edition of “Ask the Headhunter”: How to Transition From Military to Civilian Work Without a Resume.

College Students Are Failing at the LinkedIn Game

The N Gen is not on track with the LinkedIn movement and it may be to their disadvantage when it comes to looking for their first job. Read the full story by Brian Hall: Why Aren’t College Students Using LinkedIn To Find Jobs?

Oh No: Twesumes?

Twitter is just another of the growing social media platforms that can be utilized for personal promotion and even job search. Check out this CNN article by Doug Meigs: Can You Land a Job With 140 Characters?

Michelle Riklan Featured in BusinessNewsDaily

I’ve been featured in David Mielach of BusinessNewsDaily’s latest article, “Hiring Experts Reveal Resume Pet Peeves“!

DASHING Cover Letters

Are Cover Letters Important? Yes. While some may argue that a cover letter is an “extra step”, I say it is an expected step when sending out your résumé. Outside of the fact that omitting the cover letter can be perceived as being lazy, we exist in a very competitive job-market, and a well-written cover letter is a tool that…

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What is President’s Day?

For some, Presidents’ Day is intended to honor all the American presidents, but most significantly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Both considered important leaders of the United States and remembered for their unique contributions for shaping The Nation. Whether you are in job search mode or simply keeping your career materials up-to-date, I recommend that you ask yourself the following…

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FREE Teleseminar: 7 Powerful LinkedIn Strategies for Your Successful Job Search in Today’s Job Market

Monday, January 21st at 7:30 pm EST How to create a compelling LinkedIn profile to boost your visibility and land your dream job while spending less than 15 minutes a day… Are you in the middle of a job search and you feel overwhelmed by the idea of trying to get the attention of hiring managers in your field? Are…

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Position Yourself to Get the Job

You may have heard that you need to “brand yourself” in order to be successful in your career. While “branding” (which is defined as “to make an indelible mark or impression on somebody or something”) is a valuable strategy, you may be more comfortable with the idea of simply positioning yourself to be successful in your job search and career….

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Don’t Make These Mistakes On LinkedIn

Don’t Dismiss LinkedIn as Something Only for People Who Are Looking For a New Job. The best time to build your LinkedIn profile, connect with people, and participate on LinkedIn is now, before you need it. If you find yourself suddenly unemployed and decide that now is the time to start using LinkedIn, you’re going to be playing catch up….

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How to Give — and Get — LinkedIn Recommendations

With LinkedIn becoming increasingly important in the recruiting and hiring process, having Recommendations on your profile is important. Great Recommendations can be the difference in getting the job offer. LinkedIn Recommendations are a natural evolution of references and letters of recommendation. However, they often are more credible than these traditional documents, because it is harder to fake a Recommendation on…

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Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Your profile photo on LinkedIn is very important. Did you know that profiles with pictures attract 50-70 percent more inquiries than profiles without pictures? Here are some tips for your LinkedIn photo: Don’t use an old photo. There are few things worse than meeting someone for the first time and not recognizing them because the picture on their LinkedIn profile…

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LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Profiles that are considered “complete” by LinkedIn’s standards receive 40 more “opportunities” (contacts from prospective hiring managers and recruiters) than incomplete profiles, according to the social networking site. Filling in your profile improves your chances of being found by people searching for you specifically, or someone with your qualifications, credentials, and background. And that’s true even when using sites like…

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4 Things You Must Do On LinkedIn

To get the most out of your LinkedIn profile, make sure you do these four things: Complete Your Profile.Your profile is the “front door” to your LinkedIn account. First impressions matter — so make sure you’ve made your profile as complete as possible. As an added benefit, your LinkedIn profile generally ranks high in Google search results for your name,…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Be on LinkedIn

What? You’re not on LinkedIn yet? What are you waiting for? These seven reasons outline why you should be on the social networking site. Because That’s Where The People Are. LinkedIn is the number one social network for professionals — and, arguably, the most important website for jobseekers — with more than 150 million members worldwide. Not only are people…

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Getting Started With LinkedIn In Your Job Search

Why Get LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the top social networking website for jobseekers. As Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, explains it, “Post a full profile and get connected to the people you trust. Because if you’re connected to those people and you posted a profile, then when other people are searching for people, they might find you.” With more than 120…

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Getting Started with Facebook in Your Job Search

With 845 million monthly active users (as of December 2011), Facebook has the potential to connect you with your next job. In contrast, LinkedIn, which bills itself as “the largest professional network” in the world, has 95 million unique monthly visitors. With 10 times as many members, it’s no wonder then that job seekers are finding Facebook is an increasingly…

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Jobseeker’s Guide to Online Reputation Management

When searching for a job, it’s very common for employers nowadays to look at your online profile. This information isn’t just used to “rule out” candidates — finding a broad online presence can also improve your chances of getting the job by increasing your “know, like, and trust” factor. What a company finds about you online should reassure them about…

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Jobseeker’s Guide to Salary Negotiation

Money is usually the most sensitive issue in the hiring process. Discussing compensation often causes anxiety for both employee and employer. Money may seem like the biggest factor in accepting a job, but it can often cloud your decision-making process. Don’t accept a job that you’re not enthusiastic about simply because the starting salary is a few thousand dollars higher…

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Job Seeker’s Guide to References

“Résumés win interviews, but references win job offers,” says Martin Yate, author of the “Knock ‘Em Dead” series of career books. Reference checks are important for both job seekers and employers. References are a chance for employers to add to the information they learned from your résumé and in the interview — and what they find out from your references will…

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Jobseeker’s Guide to Leaving Your Job

Every few months, you’ll see an example in the news media of someone who left their job in dramatic fashion. Examples include the JetBlue flight attendant who famously deployed the emergency chute on the runway, or the Goldman Sachs executive who wrote a “Why I Am Leaving” article in the New York Times. These stories catch our attention because they…

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Jobseeker’s Guide to Writing an Effective LinkedIn Profile

Having an online presence on LinkedIn can be important in your job search. Your LinkedIn profile can present your credentials to prospective employers and hiring managers, increasing your chance of securing an interview. Your LinkedIn profile should complement your résumé, but it shouldn’t duplicate it directly. To have a strong online presence, you must be clear about who you are,…

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Jobseeker’s Guide to Preparing for the Job Interview

The goal of the résumé is to get you a job interview. Once you secure an interview, researching and preparing for the interview is important. Like studying for a test, some of the information you can prepare ahead of time — and some of it is important to review just to be better prepared in general. Believe it or not,…

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Do You Have Any Questions For Me? The Question Every Candidate Should Be Prepared to Answer In an Interview

Job interviews aren’t meant to be an interrogation — they are supposed to be a dialogue. An interview is as much about making sure the company is a fit for you as it is that you are a fit for the company. Preparing for the Interview Before the interview, at a minimum, you should research the company — and the…

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What To Do Next With Your Résumé

By investing in a professionally written résumé, you’re already positioned yourself ahead of other jobseekers. But don’t let that advantage go to waste. Now that you have your résumé, what should you do with it? This guide will give you strategies for what you can — and should — do with your résumé to maximize your chances of finding and…

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Common Résumé Myths and Mistakes

Check out Michelle Riklan’s article, “Common Résumé Myths and Mistakes”, featured in CMAA’s Back of the House blog.

Recent Graduates and Today’s Job Search – Part 3

How to Track and Plan Your Job Search Finding a job is a job. It requires time, dedication, research, homework, and an organized plan. So how do you get started? 1.   Prepare your personal inventory.  You are more than just your major. What do you have to offer? This may be a good time to meet with a career…

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Recent Graduates and Today’s Job Search – Part 2

How to create a compelling marketing tool (resume) that will attract the attention of a potential employer. So often, recent graduates complain that they have “sent out hundreds of resumes” and have not received a response.  While they are quick to blame the job-market, albeit a difficult one, they often do not consider the fact that something may be wrong…

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Recent Graduates and Today’s Job Search – Part 1

As summer starts to wind down and our May graduates who have taken the summer off are hopefully starting to think about their careers, I am offering a career series of information to my readers. Often, I am contacted by desperate parents seeking assistance to get their recently graduated child out of the house and into the workforce. I hear it all….

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References Available Upon Request

Whenever I see this line on a resume, I often scratch my head and say to myself “Really?” Well of course a candidate should make references available upon request. So, stating the obvious is a waste of time and adds absolutely no value to the document. I never put this line on a resume. However, they truly must be available…

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It Happens

It happens! Sometimes we really prepare and the interview goes south, sometimes we didn’t give the interview the preparation that it deserved. Even if you really bombed the interview, that does not mean that all is lost and you should write off that opportunity. Wouldn’t it be better to leave that potential employer with a positive impression? Keep in mind,…

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Your Resume: Save or Trash?

If your resume is not winning quality interviews – then consider that what you are sending out is ineffective. Your resume has approximately 6 seconds to make a lasting impression. 5-4-3-2-1. That’s it! Then it’s either in the trash can or in the “save” to call for an interview pile. Below are 3 quick questions to see if your resume…

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Job Search Sabotage

So, you’ve just graduated from college and your about to start a job-search. Will your efforts be successful, or will you shoot yourself in the foot during the process? In July, 2011, statistics showed that the unemployment rate for bachelor’s degree graduates under the age of 25 was the highest on record; 13.1%. While it is easy to succumb to…

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Are You LinkedIn?

Before the job is posted and advertised, where does the recruiter/HR professional/hiring manager look for potential candidates? Before they even hit the job boards, they are on LinkedIn. And, if you are not there, then you don’t exist. Let me repeat that – IF YOU ARE NOT LINKEDIN, YOU DO NOT EXIST! People who are in talent acquisition and recruiting…

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How Do I Get My Resume to Land on the Top of the Pile? (and to stay out of the trashcan) Tip # 7 – Don’t Waste My Time!

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make on their resume is wasting the reader’s time. When a recruiter or hiring manager has a stack 2 feet high of potential applicants, they do not want their time wasted.  If your resume is not easy to navigate and does not get to the point quickly, it will end up in…

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How Do I Get My Resume to Land on the Top of the Pile? (and to stay out of the trashcan) Tip # 6 – Lack of Experience?

Parents of recent college graduates may ask why some students are successful procuring a position after college and others are not. Often, students are lacking needed skills and experience and this makes the difference. Classroom education is only one component of post-college preparation. If your student has buried his/her head in the books for 4 years, or spent summers having…

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How Do I Get My Resume to Land on the Top of the Pile? (and to stay out of the trashcan) Tip # 5 – Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute!

Don’t let great job opportunities “pass you over;” hop to it! The last thing you want is to have a chance meeting with someone or get introduced to someone who asks for your resume and you are unprepared! Or, they say they will look you up on LinkedIn, and they can’t find you! Job searching today is a proactive activity….

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How Do I Get My Resume to Land At the Top of the Pile? (and to stay out of the trashcan) Tip # 4 – Hobbies & Interests Section?

At one time, this was a standard feature. With the exception of the entry-level graduate (and then only if it is relevant to the job search), this section is not recommended. What does the potential employer think if you have listed your high golf-score or all of the volunteer work that you do at the school? Do they think you…

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How Do I Get My Resume to Land At the Top of the Pile? (and to stay out of the trashcan) Tip #3 – Professionalism

Competition is fierce and professionalism is crucial for job-seekers! So how can we make sure that the resume reflects a professional image? Contact information needs to be clear and accurate. One designated phone number is best, and that number must have a professional voicemail (in your own voice), stating your name and asking for the person to leave a message. …

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How Do I Get My Resume to Land on the Top of the Pile? (and to stay out of the trashcan) Tip #2 – Less is Not Always More

Length of the Resume Who told you that resumes must be 1 page?  I rarely create a 1-page resume, and when I do, it is generally a recent graduate who has had little experience.  If you have been in the workforce for  more than a few years, then your resume will most likely be 2 pages. A solid resume is…

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How Do I Get My Resume to Land on the Top of the Pile? (and to stay out of the trashcan) Tip #1 – Cut and Paste?

The Profile: Can someone else cut and paste what you wrote and put it on their resume? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to re-write your resume. A resume is a marketing tool. The #1 goal of a resume is to get an employer to call you and schedule an interview. Employers are looking at hundreds of resumes…

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Is Your Facebook Hurting Your Employment Opportunities?

The Associated Press published an interesting article this week entitled “Employers ask job seekers for Facebook passwords.” While some may say that they do not want to work for a company that is delving into their personal life, others are afraid that in this competitive job-market, they cannot afford to be turned down because they won’t turn off their privacy…

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Hide and Seek – The Hidden Job Market

Do you spend all of your time scouring the job boards for a job and wonder why you can’t find one? Then it’s no wonder why you aren’t out there interviewing.  (Companies hide the jobs, yet you continue seeking and not finding any.) The hidden job market is a term used to describe jobs that aren’t posted online or advertised….

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, images of hearts, flowers, and Cupid come to mind. I have always thought of Cupid as an extraordinary Talent Acquisition Manager.  After all, just think of some of the “job requisitions” that come across his desk! Are the position requirements realistic?  I am reminded of the lyrics in Fiddler on the Roof’s infamous song, Matchmaker. “For Papa, make him…

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Interview Tip for the Suburban Job Seeker

Even if the interview went exceptionally well, applicant beware! If the person interviewing you offers to walk you to your car, they may have ulterior motives to basic courtesy. If your car is a mess, your potential employer may make a determination about your future work habits. Also, your car may be saying too much!  Personal information does not belong…

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Get Off Your “Buts”

According to a recent survey by, entry-level jobs have increased by 22 percent from last year. That’s the highest percentage in 3 years. So, if you are a recent college graduate and have given up on finding that entry-level job, it is time to get off your “buts.” But, there are no jobs. But, I’ve sent my resume out…

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Quantify Your Achievements

Resume Tip Quantify your achievements. Numbers and percentages help to create a visual for your reader of how much value you offer. Which example sounds better? Increased Food and Beverage / banquet revenue OR Partnered with Executive Chef and increased banquet revenue by 75% within the first year. Captured an additional $750,000 in F&B revenue by increasing dining venue usage…

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Fighting the Unemployment Blues and Staying Motivated

The national unemployment rate fell to 8.5%, the lowest in nearly 3 years.  While we seem to be moving in the right direction, this is not a window of opportunity to “go easy” on your job search.  It’s a time to become even more persistent and stay ahead of the competition! While being unemployed can be emotionally challenging and stressful,…

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New Year Career Resolutions

As the new year approaches, many of us are in “resolution” mode. What changes do we want to make for 2012? What commitments do we want to make for ourselves and for others? It is a great time to reflect on our careers, evaluate where we have been, and decide where we are heading. Here are a few thoughts to…

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CAREER CHANGE – Do I Stay or Do I Go?

In difficult economic times and with the national unemployment average holding steady in the 9 percent range, making a career change may be a scary prospect. It is certainly not impossible, but the possibility must be approached strategically and realistically. Statistically, people change jobs 9 times during their lifetime and change careers 4 times. There are many reasons why; downsizing/layoff,…

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A Proactive Job Search

A recent New York Times article states that “a growing share of recent college graduates are having to settle for jobs that do not require a college degree, and they are earning less than their peers as a result.” Statistics show that the employment status of college graduates under age 25 is as follows: 22.4% — Not Working. 22.0% —…

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RESUME SPA TREATMENTS—Does Yours Need a Makeover?

What is a resume and why is it a critical document? A resume is a personal marketing tool with one purpose—to get you an interview. Statistically, a potential employer will take less than 20 seconds to scan your resume and determine if they will continue reading, place it on top of the pile for immediate consideration, or toss it. How…

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THE BOOMERANG GENERATION – How can we help you?

So what exactly is a “Boomeranger?” In short, it is a term to describe Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers who have moved back home with parents and family, in response to the current recession. While this situation may provide financial relief for the young adult, there are many facets to this arrangement that need exploring. Often after an “unsuccessful” job hunt, a…

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Practice for your interview… and get the job offer.

You finally received a call for a potential position that sounds perfect. Preparing, you make several crisp copies of your résumé, check the route to the office, clean your car, get your favorite interview outfit from the cleaners, and dress yourself appropriately. You’ve spent hours researching the company, understanding the position and getting a solid sense of how your talents…

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Top 5 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search

1.  Keeping it Quiet For whatever the reason, you are not putting yourself out there.  Even if you have been laid off or fired, you need to network. It is the most effective way to find a new position.  But, if no-one knows you are looking, no-one will call. 2.  Not Searching at All I hear so often that “there…

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Dress for Success

We hear this phrase all too often, but what does it mean in today’s job market? How are we expected to dress for a networking event? Does it vary from a first interview? A second interview? How much impact does that first impression have and does it matter what you are wearing? The answer is absolutely YES, it matters. It…

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Are you LinkedIn?

Before the job is posted and advertised, where does the recruiter/HR professional/hiring manager look for potential candidates? Before they even hit the job boards, they are on LinkedIn. And, if you are not there, then you don’t exist. Let me repeat that – IF YOU ARE NOT LINKEDIN, YOU DO NOT EXIST. People who are in talent acquisition and recruiting…

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Does Your Résumé Have Enough Gravy or is it a Dry Turkey?

As we prepare for the holiday season, I find myself comparing my work to feast preparations. Is there a difference between a well prepared holiday feast and a microwaveable frozen dinner in a box?

Interview Pre-Planning and Planning – Part 2

You’ve dressed appropriately, looking your best, carefully planned your route to arrive 15 minutes early. Your homework is done and you have a clear understanding of the positon, a solid overview of the company and you are ready to put your best foot forward. Now what?

Interview Pre-Planning and Planning – Part 1

We can never know for sure who will be sitting across from the desk and interviewing us for that dream job. A Recruiter? Hiring Manager? CEO? Human Resources? Are they an experienced interviewer? Have a clear understanding of the open position? Are they the gatekeeper or the decision maker? Since we do not know for sure, we cannot assume that we know what will be asked and how the interview will be conducted. Our best line of defense with the many unknowns of the job interview is “BE PREPARED”.

Common Resume Myths and Mistakes

If you ask 10 people what they think of your resume, you will get 10 different opinions. Resume writing is not an absolute process and must be individualized to best market the job seeker. There is no definitive or best way to write a resume. Every career counselor, recruiter and hiring manager will have his/her preferences. However, there are common…

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Publishing Opportunity: “101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career”

Publishing Opportunity: “101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career” Our new print book project on Career Enhancement is in motion! The working title for the book is: “101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career” Briefly, we will incorporate 101 articles or short chapters from 101 Experts in career related industries. Each Expert will provide one article along the theme of…

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Unemployment and Career Transitions, Challenges and Opportunities

The current national unemployment rate is 9.6%, with New Jersey equaling that number and being one of the highest state percentages in the nation. In the face of fierce competition for the available positions, perhaps it is a good time to evaluate options and explore opportunities. First, let’s address some of the key issues when facing unemployment or a career…

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They Can Hear You in Your Pajamas

(and taking the job search seriously) We live in a world today that brings a completely new meaning to “multitasking.” Potential employers call about our resume while we’re driving to the soccer field and deals are negotiated in the supermarket produce section. With virtual offices, tele-conferences, e-summits and Skype, we need to be aware of the types of messages that…

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Returning to the Workforce

People return to the workforce for many reasons: Stay at home parents are ready to resume or start a career. Financial changes have dictated a need. Retired persons are bored with retirement or need extra money. Business owners are looking for an opportunity to work for a company. Whatever the reason, hundreds of thousands of people are attempting to return to the…

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Job Seeking Tips For the College Grad

New reports show that graduating college students have had 40% fewer job prospects and the outlook for 2010 is not much more promising. So what’s the new graduate to do? There are jobs out there. Now your job is to be the one who gets one!   Know what you are selling and market it properly. The Product Yes, you…

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Interview Strategies

In the course of my career I have interviewed thousands of individuals seeking employment at all levels from the entry-level college graduate to the Chief Financial Officer.  While my experience spans across a wide variety of industries, the interview mistakes that I’ve seen are constant. Once you have procured a meeting with a potential employer, there is a tremendous amount…

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