How Do I Get My Resume to Land on the Top of the Pile? (and to stay out of the trashcan) Tip # 7 – Don’t Waste My Time!

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make on their resume is wasting the reader’s time. When a recruiter or hiring manager has a stack 2 feet high of potential applicants, they do not want their time wasted.  If your resume is not easy to navigate and does not get to the point quickly, it will end up in the trashcan. Does it have a header? If not, then your reader may need to dig through your resume to find out who you are.  Why bother when they can simply grab the next document in their pile? By quickly scanning the resume, (in less than 6 seconds) can the reader see the specific value that you might add to the organization?  (Examples – how you can save them money, generate business, lead a team…) If you make it easy for the hiring manager to read you resume, you are more likely to be called for an interview.

Your reader is not interested in every little detail. Keep your resume current, concise, and relevant.  Including the kitchen sink is not necessary and hurts your chances of receiving a phone call.