Six Tips for Proofreading Your Resume

Your resume is still a vital component to getting you the interview to the job of your dreams. It’s one of the first impressions that a hiring manager will have when you apply to a new job or position, and one of the biggest determinants about whether or not you will get called for an interview. While you can upgrade…

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5 Skills that Look Good on Any Entry-Level Resume

If you’re a freshly-minted graduate, you’ve had the summer to take a break and recover from you hard work as a student, and maybe even relax on the beach, by the pool, or do some traveling. Perhaps you took on a job to save some money and gather your thoughts, or simply spent time meandering over what you’d like to…

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5 Ways to Close Questionable Employment Gaps in Your Resume

You’ve got the skills, years of experience, and carefully selected references. You are ready to send that resume. Except, well, there’s the small matter of a gap in your employment history. Recruiters and companies are known to question employment gaps in an applicant’s resume. It’s important your gaps don’t paint you as incompetent, unfit for work, unstable, or unemployable. A…

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Why I don’t do “Objective Statements”

I got this interesting question about resumes last week: “I always thought a resume should have an objective statement. Is that true?” Well, Kristen, career experts are still divided on that matter. Ten years ago, the career objective, aka objective statement, was a standard part of any resume. This statement mostly explained the job applicant’s wishes or target in his…

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Michelle Riklan’s Resume Article Featured in the Business Insider

Where do you draw the line between creative embellishment and flat-out lying on a resume? Read Michelle Riklan’s article, Resumes: Does It Have to Be Truthful or Is There Creative Leeway? featured in the Business Insider (original article, The 4 Most Common Lies People Tell On Their Resumes, CareerMeh) to learn the top 4 ways we stretch the truth on our…

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September is International Update Your Resume Month! Have You Updated Yours?

Career Directors International (CDI) has declared September as International Update Your Resume Month to emphasize the importance of having an updated resume ready. Personally, I couldn’t agree more. September marks the start of another phase. Fall is just around the corner and the kids are back to school, and that gives us more time to focus on our career or job-hunting efforts….

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How to Write a Resume that Works in Every Part of the World

Business Harvard Review writer Tom O’Neil admits that although all markets have certain nuances, the central purpose of your resume should remain the same, regardless of your audience. See what points are most important to focus on in his article, “Write a Resume that Travels Across Countries and Cultures.”

Oh No: Twesumes?

Twitter is just another of the growing social media platforms that can be utilized for personal promotion and even job search. Check out this CNN article by Doug Meigs: Can You Land a Job With 140 Characters?

What To Do Next With Your Résumé

By investing in a professionally written résumé, you’re already positioned yourself ahead of other jobseekers. But don’t let that advantage go to waste. Now that you have your résumé, what should you do with it? This guide will give you strategies for what you can — and should — do with your résumé to maximize your chances of finding and…

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Recent Graduates and Today’s Job Search – Part 2

How to create a compelling marketing tool (resume) that will attract the attention of a potential employer. So often, recent graduates complain that they have “sent out hundreds of resumes” and have not received a response.  While they are quick to blame the job-market, albeit a difficult one, they often do not consider the fact that something may be wrong…

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References Available Upon Request

Whenever I see this line on a resume, I often scratch my head and say to myself “Really?” Well of course a candidate should make references available upon request. So, stating the obvious is a waste of time and adds absolutely no value to the document. I never put this line on a resume. However, they truly must be available…

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Your Resume: Save or Trash?

If your resume is not winning quality interviews – then consider that what you are sending out is ineffective. Your resume has approximately 6 seconds to make a lasting impression. 5-4-3-2-1. That’s it! Then it’s either in the trash can or in the “save” to call for an interview pile. Below are 3 quick questions to see if your resume…

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How Do I Get My Resume to Land on the Top of the Pile? (and to stay out of the trashcan) Tip # 7 – Don’t Waste My Time!

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make on their resume is wasting the reader’s time. When a recruiter or hiring manager has a stack 2 feet high of potential applicants, they do not want their time wasted.  If your resume is not easy to navigate and does not get to the point quickly, it will end up in…

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Quantify Your Achievements

Resume Tip Quantify your achievements. Numbers and percentages help to create a visual for your reader of how much value you offer. Which example sounds better? Increased Food and Beverage / banquet revenue OR Partnered with Executive Chef and increased banquet revenue by 75% within the first year. Captured an additional $750,000 in F&B revenue by increasing dining venue usage…

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Does Your Résumé Have Enough Gravy or is it a Dry Turkey?

As we prepare for the holiday season, I find myself comparing my work to feast preparations. Is there a difference between a well prepared holiday feast and a microwaveable frozen dinner in a box?

Common Resume Myths and Mistakes

If you ask 10 people what they think of your resume, you will get 10 different opinions. Resume writing is not an absolute process and must be individualized to best market the job seeker. There is no definitive or best way to write a resume. Every career counselor, recruiter and hiring manager will have his/her preferences. However, there are common…

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