How Do I Get My Resume to Land on the Top of the Pile? (and to stay out of the trashcan) Tip # 6 – Lack of Experience?

Parents of recent college graduates may ask why some students are successful procuring a position after college and others are not. Often, students are lacking needed skills and experience and this makes the difference. Classroom education is only one component of post-college preparation. If your student has buried his/her head in the books for 4 years, or spent summers having fun and working in jobs that provided little value to add to their resume, then he/she may have missed out on crucial “real world” experience. Internships and actual work within an industry of interest or a business setting can prepare students in several ways: how to work in an office setting and use office tools, experience working in diverse settings, being part of a team environment. daily interaction with challenging co-workers/superiors, etc.

Is your resume lacking valuable content? Simply having a degree does not entitle anyone to a position within their preferred field. So, do some additional homework. Find out what employers are looking for, and if you are lacking in experience or skills, then it’s time to put in your time and acquire what you need to be competitive.