How Do I Get My Resume to Land At the Top of the Pile? (and to stay out of the trashcan) Tip #3 – Professionalism

Competition is fierce and professionalism is crucial for job-seekers! So how can we make sure that the resume reflects a professional image?

Contact information needs to be clear and accurate. One designated phone number is best, and that number must have a professional voicemail (in your own voice), stating your name and asking for the person to leave a message.  “Hey Whassup,” and “Kim, Mark, Fluffy, and Muffy aren’t home right now,” are not professional messages.

The e-mail address that you choose must also reflect professionalism., — what do these say about your professionalism? Choose a professional e-mail address such as your name.

Check to make sure your content is aligned and your document is proofread. Proper attention to detail on your resume is an indication of your potential work ethic.