Top 5 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search

1.  Keeping it Quiet

For whatever the reason, you are not putting yourself out there.  Even if you have been laid off or fired, you need to network. It is the most effective way to find a new position.  But, if no-one knows you are looking, no-one will call.

2.  Not Searching at All

I hear so often that “there is nothing out there.” The truth is, there is nothing out there FOR YOU, if you are not out looking and positioning yourself to be found.  People are hiring, you need to find out who they are and get yourself in the game.

3.  “It’s All About Me”

To whom does your résumé speak?  Do you start with an objective?  (what YOU want)  Do you tell your life story (and waste a reader’s time)?  A résumé is for the potential employer.  They want to know what you offer THEM.  Start with a profile that details how you are unique and what you offer that will be an asset to a future employer.  Make sure it is rich with accomplishments and not wasting your reader’s time with fluffy content and laundry lists of tasks.

4.  Showing Up Late or Unprepared

If you want to let your potential employer know that you are not dependable, disorganized and not serious, start out by being late, don’t have a copy of your résumé with you and dress inappropriately. You are guaranteed to NOT get a second interview!

5.  Be Discourteous

Manners are still expected in today’s job search. Thank the person you met with a handwritten note in addition to an e-mail follow up. You’d be surprised how (sadly) a paper and pen is perceived as “going the extra mile.”