What Can You Do to Promote Gender Equality at Work?

In 1911, millions of men and women in Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany marched on rallies during the first International Woman’s Day. They fought for the right of every woman to work, hold public office, and vote. Today, we have come far in terms of women’s rights, but there’s still so much we can do to close the gap between…

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Unexpected Succession Planning: What to Do if a Key Executive Unexpectedly Quits

You may not be the CEO yet. But as a company executive, an executive’s unexpected resignation, termination, or even absence is cause for alarm. Best case scenario, you may be chosen by the board to serve as interim CEO or executive. On the flip side, you may lose your job or the company may go down in the dumps as…

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Three Crushing Experiences Every Job Applicant Experiences

You usually feel pretty good about your work experience, education, and your resume. That is until you start looking for the job of your dreams. Suddenly, your alma mater isn’t as impressive as your colleagues’ schools and your previous experiences don’t look as appealing. Your resume just didn’t sparkle the way it seemed to just a short time before. So…

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Networking for Millennials

Millennials, as their reputation suggests, often do things differently. So it’s not surprising that they have their own strategies when it comes to networking. If you’re a shy millennial who would rather stay at home than mingle with your co-workers, or you’re a lost gen X-er who can’t figure out ‘the deal’ with millennials and their social habits, then this…

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Thanksgiving and the Networking Opportunities It Presents to Graduating Students

Thanksgiving, a time to feast, give thanks and sometimes, endure awkward questions with your family. That’s it, right? Well, not just that. Thanksgiving is also a good time to build your network. With all the parties and dinners to attend, I am sure your professional life isn’t your top priority right now. Thanksgiving and your career aren’t mutually exclusive, this…

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Corporate America Doesn’t Care About You: It’s Time to Put Yourself First

When was the last time you came home late because you needed to finish an urgent project? Did you take your work home recently? Have you ever missed your kid’s recital because of work? Sacrificing work/life balance to move up in the corporate ladder seems like a fair trade, at least on the surface. Martin Yate, author of New York…

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You’re Probably Ignoring this Lucrative Job Market

October brings us two holidays, Halloween and United Nations Day. What do those events have to do with careers, you ask? If you graduated last March and haven’t received a decent job offer ’til now, I bet you’re scared to move back with your parents. But okay, let’s say you’re not a fresh graduate. Aren’t you the least bit afraid…

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Job Search Has Always Required Persistence

There are hundreds, if not thousands of qualified job seekers vying for that same position. USA Today’s “At Work” author, Andrea Kay, talks about the need to be tenacious in the job market in her article, “At Work: Nothing Magical About Persistence in Job Hunt.”

Common Resume Myths and Mistakes

If you ask 10 people what they think of your resume, you will get 10 different opinions. Resume writing is not an absolute process and must be individualized to best market the job seeker. There is no definitive or best way to write a resume. Every career counselor, recruiter and hiring manager will have his/her preferences. However, there are common…

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