Networking for Executives

  These days, it’s not so much what you know as who you know. While you need experience and credentials to give you the know how to lead a team or run a company, it’s often the handshake of someone you know that will get your resume on the desk. Whether or not you think this is fair, networking is…

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Are You Prepared for the Fall Job Hiring Rush?

The lax summer season, when vacations are rampant and most companies take a breather from expansion, makes way for Fall, considered the busiest season for hiring. While there’s no definite rule signaling September as the hiring season, it definitely seems like the busiest season for many industries. If you’re aspiring to switch careers, move to a bigger company or if…

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Job Search Has Always Required Persistence

There are hundreds, if not thousands of qualified job seekers vying for that same position. USA Today’s “At Work” author, Andrea Kay, talks about the need to be tenacious in the job market in her article, “At Work: Nothing Magical About Persistence in Job Hunt.”

Is Your Facebook Hurting Your Employment Opportunities?

The Associated Press published an interesting article this week entitled “Employers ask job seekers for Facebook passwords.” While some may say that they do not want to work for a company that is delving into their personal life, others are afraid that in this competitive job-market, they cannot afford to be turned down because they won’t turn off their privacy…

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Interview Strategies

In the course of my career I have interviewed thousands of individuals seeking employment at all levels from the entry-level college graduate to the Chief Financial Officer.  While my experience spans across a wide variety of industries, the interview mistakes that I’ve seen are constant. Once you have procured a meeting with a potential employer, there is a tremendous amount…

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