5 Ways to Close Questionable Employment Gaps in Your Resume

You’ve got the skills, years of experience, and carefully selected references. You are ready to send that resume. Except, well, there’s the small matter of a gap in your employment history. Recruiters and companies are known to question employment gaps in an applicant’s resume. It’s important your gaps don’t paint you as incompetent, unfit for work, unstable, or unemployable. A…

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Michelle Riklan’s Resume Article Featured in the Business Insider

Where do you draw the line between creative embellishment and flat-out lying on a resume? Read Michelle Riklan’s article, Resumes: Does It Have to Be Truthful or Is There Creative Leeway? featured in the Business Insider (original article, The 4 Most Common Lies People Tell On Their Resumes, CareerMeh) to learn the top 4 ways we stretch the truth on our…

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September is International Update Your Resume Month! Have You Updated Yours?

Career Directors International (CDI) has declared September as International Update Your Resume Month to emphasize the importance of having an updated resume ready. Personally, I couldn’t agree more. September marks the start of another phase. Fall is just around the corner and the kids are back to school, and that gives us more time to focus on our career or job-hunting efforts….

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Is Your Military Resume the Best Tool to Get an Interview?

Read Rick Corcodilos’ job search strategy for military personnel entering the everyday workforce in this special edition of “Ask the Headhunter”: How to Transition From Military to Civilian Work Without a Resume.

Oh No: Twesumes?

Twitter is just another of the growing social media platforms that can be utilized for personal promotion and even job search. Check out this CNN article by Doug Meigs: Can You Land a Job With 140 Characters?

Michelle Riklan Featured in BusinessNewsDaily

I’ve been featured in David Mielach of BusinessNewsDaily’s latest article, “Hiring Experts Reveal Resume Pet Peeves“!

What To Do Next With Your Résumé

By investing in a professionally written résumé, you’re already positioned yourself ahead of other jobseekers. But don’t let that advantage go to waste. Now that you have your résumé, what should you do with it? This guide will give you strategies for what you can — and should — do with your résumé to maximize your chances of finding and…

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Quantify Your Achievements

Resume Tip Quantify your achievements. Numbers and percentages help to create a visual for your reader of how much value you offer. Which example sounds better? Increased Food and Beverage / banquet revenue OR Partnered with Executive Chef and increased banquet revenue by 75% within the first year. Captured an additional $750,000 in F&B revenue by increasing dining venue usage…

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RESUME SPA TREATMENTS—Does Yours Need a Makeover?

What is a resume and why is it a critical document? A resume is a personal marketing tool with one purpose—to get you an interview. Statistically, a potential employer will take less than 20 seconds to scan your resume and determine if they will continue reading, place it on top of the pile for immediate consideration, or toss it. How…

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