Get Your Children Off the Couch – Radio Interview with Ed Tyll

  What an honor it was to be invited on the Ed Tyll show on Starcom Radio! The topic was How to Get Your Children off the Couch and Into the Workplace.  I am pleased to share the audio (please click here) as well as the entire transcript. Ed was a gracious host with thoughtful and insightful questions and it…

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Celebrating the Value of a Humanities Degree in National Arts and Humanities Month

Whether you’re on the cusp of finishing high school or considering a career change and heading back to a higher education institution, you may be weighing out your options. Everyone has advice to give – “Take science classes,” your parents say. Your friends tell you to major in engineering, and your former teachers tell you that computer science is the…

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5 Skills that Look Good on Any Entry-Level Resume

If you’re a freshly-minted graduate, you’ve had the summer to take a break and recover from you hard work as a student, and maybe even relax on the beach, by the pool, or do some traveling. Perhaps you took on a job to save some money and gather your thoughts, or simply spent time meandering over what you’d like to…

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6 Odd Jobs for the Unemployed Running Out of Inspiration

Its summer, which means a fresh new set of college graduates just entered the working world. If you’re one of them, congratulations! You’re about to embark into the career force – that is, if you are lucky. You will likely have more trouble finding a job than your parents did 20 or 30 years ago. Studies show that this is…

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Are Listening Skills—and Decent Customer Service—Lost in this Generation’s Fresh Graduates?

Here’s a typical scene every time I go through a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru… Me: One medium hot latte with skim milk Crew: Okay, would you like it hot or cold? Me: Hot (okay…he’s too young to be deaf) Crew: Whole or skim milk? Me: Skim milk (getting impatient here…) Every. Single. Time. And that was just a single item order….

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Thanksgiving and the Networking Opportunities It Presents to Graduating Students

Thanksgiving, a time to feast, give thanks and sometimes, endure awkward questions with your family. That’s it, right? Well, not just that. Thanksgiving is also a good time to build your network. With all the parties and dinners to attend, I am sure your professional life isn’t your top priority right now. Thanksgiving and your career aren’t mutually exclusive, this…

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You’re Probably Ignoring this Lucrative Job Market

October brings us two holidays, Halloween and United Nations Day. What do those events have to do with careers, you ask? If you graduated last March and haven’t received a decent job offer ’til now, I bet you’re scared to move back with your parents. But okay, let’s say you’re not a fresh graduate. Aren’t you the least bit afraid…

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What Happens if You Take the Summer Off After Graduating?

If you graduated May this year, is it possible that you missed the boat by taking the summer off from interviewing? I know you’re worn out, what with all the exams, internships and the thesis you had to complete. But it’s so tempting to take a few months or a year off to unwind after graduating from college. You can’t…

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Your Summer Job is Much More Important than You Think

Employment rates are better this year, which means fresh graduate are expected to have better opportunities of securing a job. I wonder though, how many will take their internship seriously? How many will show up expecting three easy months of coffee-fetching and copy-making work? A research from Challenger, Gray and Christmas, a Chicago-based recruitment firm, states that only 1 in…

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Are College Graduates Prepared for the Workforce?

“66%. That’s the percentage of hiring managers who say they don’t believe that new college graduates are prepared for the workforce.” This did not surprise me. Jamie Eckle’s article in “Career Watch: Hiring landscape dims for this year’s grads,” really hit home as I drove through Dunkin Donuts the other day. Part-time, seasonal jobs are often filled with college students…

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How New Grads Can Put Experience on Their Resumes

We all start at the bottom, so how does a new graduate gain the experience employers are looking for? Get the answers in this informative article “When an Employer Requires Experience and You Have None” by Forbes author, Jacquelyn Smith.

How 2013 Grads Measure Up as Job Seekers

Your college degree is your greatest asset out of the gate, so aim high. Find out what else employers are looking for in the Class of 2013 from Jada A. Graves of U.S. News & World Report in her article, “Class of 2013 Job Seekers: Buy, Sell or Hold?“

College Grads Need More LinkedIn Experience

46% of college graduates have never used LinkedIn – that’s a staggering number, considering the way that social media tide is turning when it comes to job search. Read “LinkedIn Misses Target Audience, Majority Use Facebook More” by Review author Matthew Butler.

New College Grad? Here Are Some Places to Start Job Hunting

Here’s a short list of job search advice sites recent college grads can utilize to find their first job in Chuck Meyers’ article, “On the Money: Finding That First Job After College.”

Recent Graduates and Today’s Job Search – Part 1

As summer starts to wind down and our May graduates who have taken the summer off are hopefully starting to think about their careers, I am offering a career series of information to my readers. Often, I am contacted by desperate parents seeking assistance to get their recently graduated child out of the house and into the workforce. I hear it all….

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Job Search Sabotage

So, you’ve just graduated from college and your about to start a job-search. Will your efforts be successful, or will you shoot yourself in the foot during the process? In July, 2011, statistics showed that the unemployment rate for bachelor’s degree graduates under the age of 25 was the highest on record; 13.1%. While it is easy to succumb to…

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Job Seeking Tips For the College Grad

New reports show that graduating college students have had 40% fewer job prospects and the outlook for 2010 is not much more promising. So what’s the new graduate to do? There are jobs out there. Now your job is to be the one who gets one!   Know what you are selling and market it properly. The Product Yes, you…

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