Resume Trends to Watch in 2017

From hair to clothing to houses, everything is subject to trends. In the job search world, resumes are no different. Resumes go through trend cycles too. Forty years ago, resumes were pages upon pages. In the last 10 years, resumes have gone down to only two or three pages, as nobody has time to scan through a five-page resume. Today,…

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Michelle Riklan Named One of the Top 25 Women to Follow on Twitter for Job Search

Thank you CEOWORLD Magazine! I had no idea I had been named… and I am in such good company! Meghan M. Biro, a talent strategist, practitioner, speaker and author who operates as CEO of TalentCulture Consulting Group. You can find Meghan M. Biro on Twitter: @MeghanMBiro. Alison Doyle, a job search and employment expert with years of experience in human…

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Could Twitter Be More Efficient than Your Resume?

Much like LinkedIn groups can aid in your job search, following and engaging via Twitter with potential employers can be the boost your hunt is looking for. Read more in Patrica Rivera of CTW Features article, “Why Twitter is Sometimes More Powerful than Resumes.”

Oh No: Twesumes?

Twitter is just another of the growing social media platforms that can be utilized for personal promotion and even job search. Check out this CNN article by Doug Meigs: Can You Land a Job With 140 Characters?