What Can You Do to Promote Gender Equality at Work?

In 1911, millions of men and women in Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany marched on rallies during the first International Woman’s Day. They fought for the right of every woman to work, hold public office, and vote. Today, we have come far in terms of women’s rights, but there’s still so much we can do to close the gap between…

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How to Build a Strong Alliance of Supporters at Work

One of the secrets of succeeding in the workplace is building strong alliances. No matter how seemingly good and experienced you are, or even if you hold a top position in an organization, time will come that you’ll need someone else’s help. This is where building alliances comes in handy. Successful employees work hard to build themselves a network of…

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Networking for Executives

  These days, it’s not so much what you know as who you know. While you need experience and credentials to give you the know how to lead a team or run a company, it’s often the handshake of someone you know that will get your resume on the desk. Whether or not you think this is fair, networking is…

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Networking for Millennials

Millennials, as their reputation suggests, often do things differently. So it’s not surprising that they have their own strategies when it comes to networking. If you’re a shy millennial who would rather stay at home than mingle with your co-workers, or you’re a lost gen X-er who can’t figure out ‘the deal’ with millennials and their social habits, then this…

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Job Applicants and Networking: Four Ways you’re Doing It Wrong

Do you only build your network when you’re in need of a job? Do you think “networking,” is pretentious and phony, like everyone is just there to take, take, take? If so, you’re doing it wrong! Networking is more than doling out your resume and business cards. It has nothing to do with the font on your resume sample or…

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ALERT: Read this if You Don’t Want to Ruin Your Reputation at the Office Party this Year

It’s that time of the year again! Parties and gatherings everywhere, which means another Holiday party at the office. Don’t think of this as a perfect opportunity to wine and dine, or flirt with that cute guy from accounting. It’s not your family or friends holiday reunion after all. Office Party Etiquette Guide 101 Don’t Bring a “Plus One,” Unless…

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Social Networking and Job Search: Are You Doing it Right?

“…it is not possible for professionals to ‘like,’ ‘tweet’ or ‘second degree connect’ their way into finding an excellent career opportunity for themselves.” So how do you do it? Check out this short but sweet article from Global Jobs Network, “Top Social Networking Tips in Job Search.”

Oh No: Twesumes?

Twitter is just another of the growing social media platforms that can be utilized for personal promotion and even job search. Check out this CNN article by Doug Meigs: Can You Land a Job With 140 Characters?

Are You LinkedIn?

Before the job is posted and advertised, where does the recruiter/HR professional/hiring manager look for potential candidates? Before they even hit the job boards, they are on LinkedIn. And, if you are not there, then you don’t exist. Let me repeat that – IF YOU ARE NOT LINKEDIN, YOU DO NOT EXIST! People who are in talent acquisition and recruiting…

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